squeaky car brake being fixed

Squeaky Car Brakes? Here’s How to Fix Them

When it comes to driving, not many things are more annoying (or embarrassing) than squeaky brakes. More often than not, it’s not anything serious and can be fixed with a little knowledge and persistent. Therefore: In this article, we’ll run through why your car brakes might be squeaking, and how…

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tv humming noise

How to Stop a TV Humming: 8 Reasons and Fixes

As a society, we watch more tv than ever. Binging on box sets is a regular pastime, particularly through the Covid lockdowns. Even though a humming tv isn’t the biggest cause of household noise, it can be extremely annoying if your tv develops one. Don’t worry though: Let’s have a…

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a washing machine anti vibration mat

5 Anti Vibration Mats to Quieten a Washing Machine

One of the noisiest things in everyone’s homes is the washing machine. Lower the dB level (apart from buying a quiet machine machine) is hard to do, especially if it’s on a spin cycle. The knocks, vibrations and clicks all lead to washing machines being quite loud. So… what can…

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An insulated tent with soundproof properties

How to Soundproof a Tent – 7 Ways for Quiet Camping

A soundproof tent isn’t something normally thought about. Not least of all because a tent is inherently hard to soundproof due to thin material and lack of mass. This is the reason why soundproof tents aren’t generally a thing you can buy. However: There are some things you can do…

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soundproof expanding foam ceiling install

Will Soundproof Expanding Foam Help Reduce Noise?

Expanding foam is commonly used to insulate walls and ceilings. However, there is expanding foam which claims to have soundproof qualities. In this article: Let’s look at what soundproof foam actually is, and whether it’s worth it if you’re trying to soundproof a wall, or even a whole room. What…

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bohmer quiet generator

6 Best Quiet Generators Under 69 dB (UK Plugs)

Whether you’re camping, travelling in a motorhome or using one at home, a quiet generator is a great addition when looking to add more peace to your life. Who wants to go camping to stare up at a black sky with bright twinkling stars with a noisy generator ruining it?…

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Making an acoustic panel

DIY Acoustic Panels (How to Build Your Own)

There are many soundproofing products available on the market to suit every task and every budget. One of the best options if you want the maximum soundproofing effect is to install acoustic panels. You can learn more about acoustic panels here, however this article will be focused entirely on how…

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my silent hamster wheel

5 Best Silent Hamster Wheels for Siberian & Dwarf

As with most people, I love my hamster. However, one thing (more than anything) which annoys me is the night time racket and screeching from it’s wheel. Wheels are essential for exercise so in order to keep a quiet home, a silent hamster wheel is a real life saver. To…

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Using WD40 on squeaky shoes

How to Stop Shoes From Squeaking (Less Than £2)

There are many sounds in this perpetually noisy world that can be irritating. Few are as annoying as squeaky shoes, though. Unfortunately, the noise is with you every step you take, and it’s impossible to get away from. Luckily, there are several ways to stop the squeak and restore peace…

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A pair of noise cancelling headphones

Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Worth It?

Noise cancelling headphones aim to reduce outside (or airborne) noise and focus solely on the listening experience. Due to this added benefits (compared to standard headphones) they are usually more expensive. Let’s take a look at the benefits and downsides of noise cancelling headphones to decide whether they are worth…

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