How to Swallow Quietly: 9 Techniques to Try

swallow quietly

The name for the gulping noise we make when swallowing is the gag reflex. It’s a noise that is more prominent in children, as the gag reflex is significantly more sensitive as a child. Having said this, swallowing food or drink can be loud even as adults for several reasons….

What Screws Are Best for Squeaky Floors?

screws for squeaky floor

Squeaky floors can be a nightmare. They can wake guests up from their slumber, and they can even make your home feel unstable. Squeaky floors are not necessarily a bad thing, though. They’re not an indicator of some major risk, fortunately. That’s not to say that they can’t be fixed….

Noise Cameras: What Are They And How Do They Work?

noise camera

Noise cameras are cameras that are used to detect loud noises that exceed a certain speed limit or make unnecessarily loud noises for other reasons. The cameras contain a similar type of technology to speed cameras, in that they are used to catch drivers that are excessively speeding. The difference…

How to Submit a Dog Barking Noise Complaint

dog barking

Dogs are fantastic pets, and they can really help to make a house feel like a home. But, for any number of reasons, sometimes dogs can start to bark quite a lot. They may do this when you’re at home, or when you’re away, and may even do it at…

Why Are Magpies So Noisy? (And How to Deal)


Magpies are often known for the loud noises they make, especially in the summertime. The name “magpie” itself stems from the name Margaret, which is a colloquial feminine name that’s associated with someone who is chatty. The birds most certainly live up to this name! There are several reasons why…

How to Stop Whistling Noise Through Windows

window whistling

There are some noises that a window makes that are entirely normal and not a cause for concern, such as popping or cracking noises. These noises usually occur when the window glass expands and contracts at a different speed than the surrounding frame. However: Whistling noises that occur through windows…

5 Ways to Stop Rain Noise on a Conservatory Roof

rain on conservatory roof

While some may enjoy gentle rain falling lightly on a conservatory roof, this can also be a nuisance to those who wish for peace and quiet, especially when rainfall becomes heavy. There are a few ways to reduce rain noise on conservatory roofs, but first, we must understand why this…

What to Do if Neighbours Are Arguing Loudly

neighbours arguing

When you have neighbours close by, it is inevitable that you’re going to hear one another now and then. Hearing them calling up the stairs to one another, or their fire alarm if it goes off is to be expected. Sometimes, though, you might hear more than you want to….

What Is the Quietest Canary Island?

canary islands

The Canary Islands are located off the coast of north-western Africa and consist of eight unique islands with millions of visitors altogether every year. While some people prefer to visit the most popular canary islands, others may prefer to visit the islands where they can enjoy peace and quiet, along…

How to Break Tenancy Agreement Due to Noise (UK)

break tenancy due to noise

When you’re renting a property, you want to be able to live comfortably within it. This means having a feeling of safety and security and being able to relax properly within your home. When things interrupt any of those feelings, it can become upsetting and stressful. Have you had enough…