shark vacuum suction noise

Why Is My Shark Vacuum Making a Loud Suction Noise?

A shark vacuum is one of the most efficient and usable vacuums on the market. It can really become your best friend around the house, helping you to clean every floor with ease. However, it can start to make a loud suction noise. This will not help trying to reduce…

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loud music after 11pm

Is It Illegal to Play Loud Music After 11pm? (UK)

There is nothing worse than going to bed at the end of a long day and not being able to sleep due to noise you can’t control. It’s even worse when the noise is caused by an inconsiderate neighbour playing music too loud late at night. So, if your sleep…

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meaco dehumidifier

Top-Rated Quiet Dehumidifiers to Eliminate Moisture

Dehumidifiers are often used to remove moisture from room like bedroom, bathroom or spare rooms when drying clothes. As such, noise can start to become a problem especially around winter months where it might be getting used more often. Because of this, it’s advantageous to opt for a quiet model,…

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wooden sound diffuser

Best Types of Sound Diffusers and How They Work

Sound diffusers are a staple in modern homes, studios, and halls. The ability to soften, disperse, and even eliminate sound is one of the many reasons why so many people choose sound diffusers as opposed to other products. This article gives you the ultimate rundown on how sound diffusers works…

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polystyrene as a sound insulator

Is Polystyrene a Good Sound Insulator?

There are many ways to insulate your home or office to keep your heating and cooling costs down. One of the most common methods is the use of polystyrene foam products, including foam wall insulation and open-cell insulation foam. But can polystyrene be used for soundproofing? This article will explore…

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misophonia explained

Misophonia: The Hatred of Sound Explained

Have you ever heard of Misophonia? It’s a very rare condition where certain everyday sounds will set off an automatic, negative physical and emotional reaction. Sounds like chewing, tapping, and whistling can drive a person with Misophonia crazy or upset. But at the heart of Misophonia is one thing: dealing…

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an acoustic car windscreen

Acoustic Windscreen: Do They Even Work?

Acoustic windscreens are a visually and acoustically appealing way of improving the sound quality in your car. You’ve probably seen them all over the place, but you might not be sure what they do or how to spot one. In this article: We will discuss the pros and cons of…

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a loud ps4 fan

Why Is My PS4 So Loud? [Solved]

If you’re a console gamer, then chances are, your PS4 has been extremely loud before. It can be annoying, especially when you’re deep into an intense gaming session. It may also be a big cause for concern. If your PS4 is loud, it’s probably because the fan has an issue….

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white acoustic blanket

Acoustic Blankets for Soundproofing and Reducing Noise

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to block noise and keep sound in your home or workplace? Acoustic blankets serve a multitude of purposes and can be used in both residential and commercial areas. Let’s take a look at acoustic blankets, how and where they are used…

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hard drive clicking noise

How to Fix a Hard Drive Clicking Noise

Sometimes your hard drive will start making strange noises which is a very scary thing when you aren’t sure why it’s happening. Your first thought might be that your hard drive is dying, and this is perhaps the end of all your files. But don’t panic: You can do many…

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