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Welcome to QuietLiving.co.uk, a UK site focused on the best and most in-depth soundproofing tutorials online.

Founded in 2019, we also focus on living a quieter life by fixing squeaky stuff, mending that loud noise and reviewing products with low dB levels.

Why Quiet Living Was Started

Ever since I was little running about my quiet town, I absolutely hated loud noises.

I sought out the quiet.

And now that I’m all grown up… I haven’t changed a bit!

Quiet Living was launched to tackle noise, and provide easy-to-follow soundproofing tips from soundproofing your garden to your car.

Now that I work from home (as I’m sure a lot of us are) a quiet space is now more important than ever.

Meet the Team

AJ McGill

Quiet Living Founder


AJ is a writer and “DIY nut” hailing from Glasgow, UK. Having always hated loud and unnecessary noise, he set out to fix that through self-taught home improvements. After having finally bought his own home in 2015 he was able to experiment and work to lower noise… anything from walls to garage doors.

Fast forward to 2019 having built a wealth of knowledge through the years, he founded Quiet Living to write easy to follow articles to help others trying to soundproof and get rid of loud noises.

Along with the help of Claire, he constantly updates the site to keep articles relevant and to the point, and adds to the bank to guides available.


Claire McGregor

Quiet Living Contributor


Claire is a freelance writer and lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. She has been writing for Quiet Living since 2020 and has built a wealth of knowledge in home improvement, with a keen interest in knowledge based articles.

Highly skilled in proofreading, Claire helps Quiet Living ensure each article is easy to understand and written for the reader in mind.

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What We Write About

Quiet Living has three main categories. These are:

Soundproofing tips – This is everything soundproofing and making your environment quieter. This is our main category and what we spend the most time writing.

Quiet products – Product reviews which have low dB levels… perfect for a quieter home. We frequently recommend products which we’re passionate about, like:

Soundproof products – This section is devoted to products with soundproof qualities. This can range from curtains to sealants!

Product Reviews

Occasionally we write about the quietest products you can use in your home. Our first and foremost priority is grading these products in terms of noise level (or Quiet Score) to provide you with the quietest products possible.

Of course, other features are taken into consideration and will vary depending on the product. We compare these products against each other, and others available on the market.

Affiliate Disclosure

To keep the site running, we do use affiliate links within our articles. This means that when we recommend a product and you buy through our link, Quiet Living may earn a small commission from the vendor. Our primary partner is Amazon.co.uk.

This is at no extra cost to you. Our guides and tutorials are free to everyone and you do not need to click our links when thinking of buying a product.

We strive to make our articles as accurate as possible. If you notice something which needs updated, please get in touch and we will look into it as soon as we can.