5 Anti Vibration Mats to Quieten a Washing Machine

a washing machine anti vibration mat

Last updated: November 15, 2021 at 15:42 pm

One of the noisiest things in everyone’s homes is the washing machine. Lower the dB level (apart from buying a quiet machine machine) is hard to do, especially if it’s on a spin cycle. The knocks, vibrations and clicks all lead to washing machines being quite loud.

So… what can we do about this?

Answer: Anti vibration mats.

As the name suggests, not only do these specially designed mats eliminate most of the vibration a washing machine creates, but also helps to reduce noise by placing the machine on top of sound absorbing material.

Features of a Great Vibration Mat

High quality, dense material – without going into too much detail, some materials are more soundproof than others. For example, mass loaded vinyl is better for soundproofing than glass. An anti vibration mat should be made of thick, dense rubber (or similar) which will absorb as much vibration and noise as possible.

Thickness – as discussed in previous articles, the thickness of sound dampening material is directly related to how efficient it will be. Generally, the thicker the material, the more soundproof (or sound absorbent) it will be.

Correct size – there’s no point buying an anti vibration mat that is too small. The mat should be big enough to cover all ground touching points of the washing machine (generally four feet) to have the best effect on noise.

Best Anti Vibration Mats – Quick Info

The below are in no particular order. We’ve done this as each option varies in size and price. We have also included a couple of feet options, in case you’d rather that over a mat.

Rank Brand Type Price
1 Casa Pura – Anti Noise Mat for Washing Machine Mat £ – £££
2 Mario10 – Eco Friendly Anti Vibration Mat Mat ££
3 Invero – Anti Slip/Vibration Washing Machine Mat Mat ££
4 Intervisio – Washing Machine Mat and Feet Combo Mat + Feet £
5 Vibirit – Anti Vibration Rubber Feet Feet £

5 Best Anti Vibration Mats for Washing Machines

Casa Pura Washing Machine Mat in Various Sizes

casa pura washing machine mat

The Casa Pura gives you the peace of mind that you desire thanks to its noise and vibration canceling capabilities. With this mat, you can conveniently use your washing machine without worrying about excessive vibrations.

Made in Germany, this multipurpose mat is suitable for washing machines, speakers, dryers, etc., and efficiently minimises noise and vibration from floors to walls and vice versa. In addition, this mat serves as a secure stand for your washing machine, preventing it from slipping/moving and causing unwanted home accidents.

This anti vibration mat is available in various sizes, however you can also cut it using a carpet knife to your required specifications. The Casa Pura is oil and liquid resistant, waterproof, fire-resistant suitable at temperatures from -30°C up to +100°C. Hopefully your washing machine will never reach either of those temperatures!

Top Features

  • Excellent noise dampening and vibration canceling properties
  • Made from quality rubber granulate
  • Features 0.5cm thickness
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in various sizes
  • Suitable for a wide temperature range


  • Efficiency may reduce during higher spins

Mario10 Environmentally Friendly Anti Vibration Mat

mario10 eco friendly vibration mat

Made from 100% recycled rubber, the Mario10 mat is used to reduce vibration and dampen the noise generated by washing machines and other vibrating appliances. Technically, this rubber mat can offer various functions… including serving as protective flooring for playgrounds and gyms, an extra insulating layer in greenhouses, or home insulation.

The Mario10 is waterproof, durable, and offers firm support, particularly washing machines. Also suitable for use at an extensive range of temperatures from -30°C up to +100°C (similar to the Casa Pura above).

Top Features

  • Offers excellent noise and vibration reduction
  • Waterproof
  • Made from 100% recycled and compressed rubber
  • Easy to clean
  • Oil resistant
  • Contains anti-mildew additives that contribute to its durability


  • You may need considerable space for installation

Invero Anti Slip/Vibration Washing Machine Mat

invero anti vibration mat

Like the Mario 10, the Invero multipurpose mat used to reduce noise and vibrations caused by most electronic devices, including washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, etc.

Measuring 60cm x 60cm x 0.6cm (length, width, and height) the Invero anti vibration mat significantly reduces any irritating noise and vibration, thanks to the highly-dense rubber structure with great shock absorption. This noise dampening mat is easy and flexible to install, suitable for an extensive range of temperatures, from -30°C up to +100°C.

Top Features

  • 100% made of rubber
  • Reduces noise, vibrations and absorbs shock
  • Easy and flexible to install
  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for a wide temperature range


  • You may need space to install
  • Efficiency may reduce during higher spins

Intervisio Mat & Feet Combo

intervisio mat feet combo

The Intervisio feet and mat combo helps you reduce the effects and impacts of vibrations generated from your washing machines with up to four damper feet. These anti vibration feet work seamlessly with all washing machine models, helping you prevent unfortunate accidents and unwanted noise thanks to its excellent vibration muffling effects.

Easy to install and use, you only need to lay the mat on the floor and attach the dour (4) damper feet underneath your machine. The Intervisio feet are made from compressed, ultra-absorbable, elastic rubber… perfect for both professional and personal use. Apart from washing machines, Intervisio is also great for dishwashers, tumble dryers, fitness equipment, air conditioning units, washer dryers, speakers, etc.

Top Features

  • Made from 100% compressed, elastic rubber
  • Includes 4 damper feet to enhance firmness with the ground (floor)
  • Suitable for both professional and personal use
  • Excellently isolates noise and eliminates vibrations
  • Very durable


  • You may need space to install

Vibirit Anti Vibration Rubber Feet

vibirit anti vibration feet

Vibirit anti vibration feet prevent your washing machine from moving unnecessarily, ultimately reducing the overall noise and vibration a washing machine generates. This product was specially designed with vibration-absorption, ensuring heavy goods like washing machines do not slide or make excessive noise whenever in use.

Another major selling point of these feet is the ease of installation. You don’t need any adhesives or tools to install… simply pop the four rubber dampers under your washing machine (or any other vibrating electrical appliances) and you’re done!

Apart from eliminating vibrations and noise, the Vibirit also prevents floor damage. These rubber pads are perfect for both tile and wooden floors, ensuring your floors stay unmarked and in good condition. They also protect your washing machine from scratches or wear and tear underneath.

The Vibirit is chemical, water, and oil resistant, made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring its durability.

Top Features

  • Excellent noise dampening and vibration canceling properties
  • Multipurpose use
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Suitable for industrial, commercial and private use
  • Offers high resistance to oil, water, and chemicals
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Very durable


  • Durability may be questionable after several repeated use

What Causes Washing Machine Vibration?

There are a few reasons why washing machines vibrate, not including the obvious “it spins really fast”. Understanding why they vibrate will go a long way to deciding which anti vibration mat you need, or if you need one at all.

An Unlevel Base

Often washing machines come with four levelers (or feet) which you can adjust using a screw mechanism. These are adjustable incase the floor isn’t quiet level. This is also often the case with fridge freezers.

If the machine isn’t stable, this will cause it to move side to side, or front to back, as it’s in operation. Make sure the machine is completely stable by using a level on top to check it’s level.

Imbalanced Load

An imbalanced load is when you put a heavy item in the machine, like a towel, with nothing to counteract it. This means when it spins the drum will move from side to side by the weight of the towel.

In order to stop this, make sure you pair up heavier items to distribute weight as evenly as possible. This should help stop the drum from wobbling and causing unnecessary vibration.

Improper Set Up

Improper set up related the an unlevel base above, but also making sure all packaging (cardboard, Styrofoam) is fully removed before sliding the washing machine is slide into place. Usually, machines come with Styrofoam at the bottom to keep stable during transport, so make sure this is all removed beforehand.


Regardless if you’re looking for a standard mat or feet, all of the above options will do a good job to quieten washing machine vibration. Make sure you pay attention to how thick the mat is and the size, make sure the mat is at least big enough to comfortably place all four dampers of the machine on top. However, if we had to pick a favourite and all-rounder, we’d go with the Casa Pura due to the range of sizes available.

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