Astra H Fuel Pump Relay Constantly Clicking?

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Last updated: February 24, 2023 at 13:43 pm

The fuel pump relay is one of the most important elements of a vehicle’s fuel system. It is the element of the fuel pump that provides power in order to build up pressure. While faint clicking is normal with a fuel pump relay, you’ll run into a problem if it’s constantly clicking.

This can eventually lead to your car not starting if this hasn’t already happened. There are generally two reasons a fuel pump relay is clicking:

  1. Faulty pump relay
  2. Engine issues

In this article:

We’ll go over these reasons in more details and how to go about fixing them.

Spotting the Signs

Ideally, if you’re able to catch the problem early on, you can fix it before you run into problems.

Having said this, it’s unlikely you won’t notice problems with your fuel pump relay as they’re hard to miss when starting to drive, especially if it’s constantly clicking. Along with clicking, there are other factors you should look out for.

If your engine starts to stall or you notice that the check engine light is on your dashboard, you may be starting to have issues.

If your car isn’t able to start at all and there is no noise coming from the fuel pump relay, this is almost always related to it being dodgy.

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2 Main Reasons for a Clicking Fuel Pump Relay

1. A Faulty Pump Relay

If you’re Astra H has a lot of miles on it, it’s probably time to replace your faulty fuel pump relay, whether it’s clicking or not.

Along with this, if you notice your vehicle takes a long time to start, there is likely a problem with the relay… along with problems connected to other elements of the vehicle in question.

2. Engine Issues

One of the most prominent problems that will arise when you’re faced with a fuel pump relay problem is engine issues. The engine may stall, you may have problems accelerating, or you may hear a constant clicking noise, coming from this direction.

The reason this happens is due to a faulty fuel pump relay, so it’s best to get it checked out if you run into these kinds of issues with your Astra.


As stated above, a faint clicking noise coming from the fuel pump relay is normal but if this becomes a constant loud clicking noise and then there is a sudden silence, you’re in trouble.

No noise whatsoever will come from the fuel pump relay if it’s failing or already failed. Listen out for a faint clicking or hum, and if you hear nothing at all, replace your fuel pump relay.

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