Noise Cameras: What Are They And How Do They Work?

noise camera

Noise cameras are cameras that are used to detect loud noises that exceed a certain speed limit or make unnecessarily loud noises for other reasons. The cameras contain a similar type of technology to speed cameras, in that they are used to catch drivers that are excessively speeding. The difference…

Does Your Car Make Noise When Starting Then Go Away?

a car start button

It’s quite common for a car to make a certain noise for a few minutes when first starting the vehicle or turning it off. You have a problem on your hands if the noise persists or occurs at irregular periods while driving. There are a number of potential problems that…

8 Reasons for Fan Noise When Your Engine Is Off

car fan noise

We’re all used to our cars making noise, but usually, the noise only occurs when the car is in use, when the engine is turned on. If you’ve noticed that your car is making noises when your engine is turned off, you may be concerned. But do you need to…

Why Brake Pedal Vibration Happens: And How to Fix

brake pedal vibration

When a car is running smoothly, the idea is that it shouldn’t be noticeably wobbly, squeaky, or vibrate more than just the necessary engine vibration. When a part of the car does become wobbly, squeaky, or starts to vibrate, then it is often a sign that something, somewhere is faulty….

Astra H Fuel Pump Relay Constantly Clicking?

astra h

The fuel pump relay is one of the most important elements of a vehicle’s fuel system. It is the element of the fuel pump that provides power in order to build up pressure. While faint clicking is normal with a fuel pump relay, you’ll run into a problem if it’s…

5 Causes of Car Rattling When Going Over Bumps

car rattling bumps

It’s no surprise that cars make a fair amount of noise, and most of the time they’re supposed to make those noises. Sometimes, though, they make noises that take us by surprise – like when they rattle as we go over bumps. But what causes those noises, and is there…

Why Are Motorbikes Allowed to Be So Loud?

motorbike so loud

Motorbikes are significantly louder than a variety of other vehicles you’ll find on the streets. There are a number of reasons for this, and a number of reasons why this is allowed. In this article: We will disclose why motorbikes are so noisy and what the law is behind the…

How to Report a Noisy Car Exhaust [UK]

report noisy exhaust

There is nothing worse than a noisy car exhaust. They’re loud, can cause vibrations, and cause terrible noise pollution. The good news is, there is a solution to this problem. By reporting any noisy car exhausts, you come across, you can help eliminate this noise pollution. You may have wondered…

How to Fix a Squeaky Car Window

squeaky car window

Whether it’s commuting to work, picking up the kids from activities, or just doing the weekly shop, we spend more time than ever in our cars these days. That’s why it’s so annoying if it starts to squeak or make other annoying noises. So, let’s look at a common squeaky…

7 Main Causes of Whistling Noise From a Car

whistling noise from car

Cars, naturally, involve a lot of moving parts. As such, sometimes these parts move out of place, break, or become dry, and that can cause a range of noises from your vehicle. Sometimes, these noises don’t necessarily mean anything, but other times they can be a sign that something is…