squeaky windscreen wipers

9 Ways to Fix Squeaky Windscreen Wipers

There are few things more annoying when driving than squeaky windscreen wipers. If it’s raining, you can’t turn them off, and that piercing squeak every few seconds feels like it’s going to drive you mad. This is especially true if you’re working towards soundproofing your car. In this article: We’ll…

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A squeaky clutch pedal

How to Fix a Squeaky Clutch Pedal (+ Causes)

Anyone who drives a car will tell you, over time, they tend to develop the odd annoying noise. Often, it’s a rattling sound that can be very hard to pin down. Most of us learn to tune it out, but some noises we shouldn’t. One of those is a squeak…

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A front shot of a motorcycle helmet

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter (Safely)

Riding a motorcycle generates a lot of noise, some of it comes from the engine and some from passing traffic. Wind bouncing off the motor and helmet, on the other side, makes the most noise. In a full-face helmet, the sound of air being displaced around the head at high…

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a car exhaust

How to Make a Noisy Car Exhaust Quieter (5+ Ways)

Getting your car to quiet down can be a difficult endeavor to overcome. However, it must be something that you prioritize because no one likes a loud annoying car. You want to be able to drive around without having to bother the people around you. Furthermore, contributing to noise pollution…

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silent coat being installed on a car

Silent Coat vs Dynamat: Which Car Soundproofing Is Better?

When looking at car soundproofing, there are two main products which should be looked at. These are silent coat and dynamat. Both of these brands have a great reputation, and are both tremendously popular in their own right. In this article: We’ll look at the features of both Silent Coat…

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A man driving a soundproofed car

6 Car Soundproofing Methods for a Quieter Ride

Loud and noisy car rides can be a huge headache during a daily commute and being unable to talk to family and friends riding beside you in the car is dreadful. Thankfully there’s no longer any need to deal with such dreaded sounds because there are many different (and easy)…

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