Q&A: My Snoring Is Annoying the Neighbours

Bed on adjoining wall

This question comes from Jennifer. Question Hi AJ. I am delighted to have found your excellent website. My problem is complex. My rented bungalow is semi detached. The 2 main bedrooms (mine and my neighbour’s) are back to back, our bedheads are against the shared wall and they cant be…

17 Harmless Ways to Get Revenge On Noisy Neighbours

A device for noisy neighbour revenge

Let’s talk about what you can do to get revenge on noisy neighbours. That might sound a bit confrontational, but our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries… a place be can escape the stress, hustle, and bustle of daily life. In this article: We’ll run through 13 (harmless) ways…

6 Ways to Soundproof Walls – Noisy Neighbours Included!

Semi-detached house

Once you learn how to soundproof a wall from noisy neighbours, you’ll never have to worry about hearing shouting, footsteps, banging or the TV from next door ever again! Note: These methods aren’t just for noisy neighbours, they work just as well for soundproofing a wall within your own home….