What Screws Are Best for Squeaky Floors?

screws for squeaky floor

Squeaky floors can be a nightmare. They can wake guests up from their slumber, and they can even make your home feel unstable. Squeaky floors are not necessarily a bad thing, though. They’re not an indicator of some major risk, fortunately. That’s not to say that they can’t be fixed….

Vape Making a Hissing Noise When Not In Use?

vape hissing

Vapes, both disposable and otherwise, make a lot of noise when in use. They also make a decent amount of noise outside of use. For those who aren’t familiar with how vapes work, or what is going on inside their vapes, it can be concerning when these noises occur. If…

10 Best Soundproof Fabrics for Noise Reduction

hessian fabric

It’s important to know what fabrics will work the best when soundproofing any kind of building or room. Some fabrics work better, in terms of quality sound insulation, than others depending on what they’re made from. Whether you’re decorating your own house or soundproofing a building, we’ll walk you through…

Do Soundproof Window Inserts Work?

window insert

Are you struggling to survive the noise outside your windows? Are the road noise and pathway chatter getting on your nerves when you try to unwind? You’ve likely started to explore ways to minimise this noise. One of the most common recommendations when looking into ways to minimise the noise…

Does Acoustic Mineral Wool Work as Soundproofing?

acoustic mineral wool

When soundproofing a building, there are many different options available in terms of materials that you can use and the places where you can apply the material to. One of the best materials you can use for soundproofing is acoustic mineral wool, for a number of reasons. In this article:…

Acoustic Underlay: Best Type for Carpet, Vinyl, Wood

types of acoustic underlay

Acoustic underlay is yet another weapon in the search for complete soundproofing. Laying it under different flooring types not only improves soundproofing, but has a few other benefits as well. In this article: We’ll run through what makes acoustic underlay different from standard, and what type of underlay you should…

DIY Secondary Glazing: Suitable for Noise Reduction?

diy secondary glazing

If you’re experiencing noise problems in your home, you may have read that windows are one of the biggest weak points. It’s true that windows let in a lot of noise, particularly if they are in poor condition or are only single glazed. Of course, the best solution is to…

Soundproof Sleeping Pod: Are They Worth It?

soundproof pod for sleeping

A soundproof sleeping pod can help sleep insomnia, shift workers, and others that need a solid night’s rest. For those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other disorders that may cause sleeplessness and night terrors, turning to a soundproof sleeping pod might be the way to go. Besides the…

Moving Blankets: Are They Any Good for Soundproofing?

moving blankets soundproofing

Moving blankets have come a long way in the past few decades. They may still be used primarily to move furniture, but they can also serve as a great non-permanent solution for soundproofing. This post will give you an overview of how moving blankets are soundproof. It is a great…

Is Polystyrene a Good Sound Insulator?

polystyrene as a sound insulator

There are many ways to insulate your home or office to keep your heating and cooling costs down. One of the most common methods is the use of polystyrene foam products, including foam wall insulation and open-cell insulation foam. But can polystyrene be used for soundproofing? This article will explore…