DIY Acoustic Panels (How to Build Your Own)

Making an acoustic panel

There are many soundproofing products available on the market to suit every task and every budget. One of the best options if you want the maximum soundproofing effect is to install acoustic panels. You can learn more about acoustic panels here, however this article will be focused entirely on how…

Soundproof Panels: Everything You Need to Know

Black soundproof panels

A soundproof panel is a board which absorb sounds by using dense, foam like material. They are usually made into a wedge like shape, which is optimal to disrupt soundwaves from penetrating the panel. To enhance the effect even further, most panels have additional soundproof material fixed to the back….

Acoustic Sealant for Soundproofing: Pros & Cons

Acoustic sealant being applied to plasterboard

Acoustic sealant is essentially sealant which offers soundproof qualities. Using this type of sealant can add extra sound dampening to rooms, especially when using it along with acoustic plasterboard. But does it really make a big difference or is it negligible? In this article, we take a look at the…

Soundproof Paint: Our Tried and Tested Opinion

A boy applying soundproof paint on a wall

If you’re experiencing noise problems in your home, you’ve probably looked into every soundproofing option you can find to restore peace. Among the many options, you may have found soundproof paint. Let’s have a look at soundproof paint and explain if it works, how it works and the pros and…

5 Alternatives to Ear Plugs for Sleeping (That Really Work)

A white noise machine as an ear plug alternative

There are many people that struggle with going to sleep in a noisy area or around loud noises. They are light sleepers and need to do something to cancel out the outside noises. Ear plugs for sleeping is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this issue….

Acoustic Plasterboard Guide: Where and How to Install

Man installing plasterboard

If you’re looking to soundproof a room (or several) in your house it can be confusing. Even if you’re not planning on doing the actual work yourself the range of products available is extensive. It’s best to understand the uses, pros and cons of each before you start, to ensure…

Green Glue Review: The Best Material to Quieten a Room?

a tube of green glue

Green Glue is an ever popular range of soundproofing products commonly used in renovations and new builds. They offer a range of solutions focused on reducing noise through walls and floors. In this article: We’ll go through exactly what Green Glue is, the products they offer, how to install and…

Mass Loaded Vinyl: The Ultimate Guide for Soundproofing

mass loaded vinyl on a wall

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is mentioned a lot on Quiet Living, so we thought it was about time we dedicate a full article to this great soundproof material. MLV is an incredibly versatile material, and can be used on walls, in cars, on floors and pretty much anywhere where you…

Silent Coat vs Dynamat: Which Car Soundproofing Is Better?

silent coat being installed on a car

When looking at car soundproofing, there are two main products which should be looked at. These are silent coat and dynamat. Both of these brands have a great reputation, and are both tremendously popular in their own right. In this article: We’ll look at the features of both Silent Coat…

Soundproof Blinds: Do They Effectively Reduce Noise?

Image of a home office with blinds

Soundproof blinds are a great way to add a little more soundproofing to your windows. They’re especially useful when a room looks onto a noisy area, for example, a road or park. Now: You will never achieve complete silence with soundproof blinds, but they will reduce airborne noise. The reduction…