Wooden flooring in an upstairs flat

Is It Illegal to Have Wooden Flooring in an Upstairs Flat?

Not completely. There is no general legislation that states it is illegal to have wood flooring in an upstairs flat. However, there are other avenues you can explore if you’re experiencing this problem. In this article, we will discuss the legalities of wooden flooring in an upstairs flat and what…

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A laptop being repaired

7 Ways to Quieten a Noisy Laptop Fan (With No Experience)

In both work and home life, laptops have become more and more a part of life over the last 10 years. Since the coronavirus pandemic, increasing numbers of us are using laptops to work from home and stay in touch with colleagues, friends, and family. They’re a great tool due…

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Man installing cork flooring

Cork Soundproofing: Will Cork Quieten a Room Effectively?

Cork has natural sound absorbing properties and works by breaking down sound waves and diffusing them. The honeycomb structure is super lightweight and with 35 million sound vibration absorbing cells per square centimetre, it is ideal for soundproofing. Essentially: When a soundwave hits cork, the air in the cork compresses…

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a noisy refrigerator

5 Ways to Quiet a Noisy Refrigerator Compressor

There are a lot of things in a house that can make noise such as the central heating, dishwashers, washing machines, extractor fans and even the people who live there. But: A refrigerator is the only one that is constantly running. If the noise is irritating you it’s not an…

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wooden bed frame and slats

12 Different Ways to Stop a Bed From Squeaking

I need a good night’s sleep. I’m sure that’s not a revelation, we all do, but I really do! If I don’t sleep well I turn from an upbeat, cheerful person into something you’d find in a Japanese horror film. I need three things to get a good night’s sleep:…

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a door

4 Ways to Stop a Door Slamming (DIY Fixes)

Do you get annoyed when your door suddenly shuts? Do you face this issue often in your home? You need to stop the door from slamming. Not only it causes noise pollution in your home, but also it lowers the age of the door. They can get damaged or worn…

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A soundproofed garden shed in sunlight

How to Soundproof a Shed (With No Experience)

If you think of soundproofing… a shed isn’t usually what would spring to mind. It’s a weak structure and usually small, therefore garages and attics are much more common. However, if neither of these are available to you and you require a soundproofed space, then a shed can still work….

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A fan in a room

How to Make a Fan Quieter: 5 Easy Ways

In hot climates and summer months, room fans are necessity for most. They continuously move the air to help cool down anywhere, from bedrooms to offices to classrooms. But when a room fan starts rattling, squeaking, or buzzing, your environment can quickly become distracting and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are some…

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a window overlooking a lake

The Easiest DIY Ways of Soundproofing Windows

Noisy streets, neighbours, and traffic (not to mention early morning bin men) can all put a damper on your living and working space. Noise pollution can find its way through the windows of any house, apartment or office. Thankfully, there are simple ways to upgrade your windows (most of them…

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sound absorbing wall panels

8 Best Sound Absorbing Materials for Better Acoustics

Better acoustics can be highly beneficial and even essential for everyday living. Sound absorbing materials improve the sound in a room, whether you are searching for peace from a noisy dishwasher, improving an in-home theatre or designing a recording studio. There is some acoustic benefit for everyone when using sound…

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