Green Glue Review: The Best Material to Quieten a Room?

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Last updated: April 2, 2021 at 15:53 pm

Green Glue is an ever popular range of soundproofing products commonly used in renovations and new builds. They offer a range of solutions focused on reducing noise through walls and floors.

In this article:

We’ll go through exactly what Green Glue is, the products they offer, how to install and why you should use them for your next soundproofing project.

What Is Green Glue?

Green Glue is a company rather than a single product. They offer four main products to be used for different parts of the soundproofing process.

1. Soundproofing Compound

The first (and most commonly used) is soundproofing compound. This is used between two pieces of drywall to reduce noise transmission by converting sound waves into heat. For the best effect, it should be used in both adjoining rooms.

Of course, adjoining rooms won’t be possible if soundproofing a wall due to noisy neighbours (unless they’re onboard as well) however it will make a difference to airborne noise coming through.

2. Sealant

Sealant can be used in conjunction with the soundproofing compound to seal up the gaps where the drywall meets the ceiling, floor and in the corners. Gaps allow airborne and impact noise through so it’s important to fill these. This sealant should also be used around the holes cuts for power sockets, light switches and even windows.

Anywhere a normal sealant can be used, Green Glue sealant can be used as well, but with better soundproof qualities.

3. Joist Tape

Joist tape is placed onto the joists before the subfloor is laid. It dampens noise caused by movement between the joists and the floor.

4. Soundproofing Clips

Soundproofing clips can be applied to the joists before the floor is laid and also to separate two pieces of drywall. Because the parts of the floor or walls are being kept apart then it blocks a lot of the transmission of sound through it.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound - 12 Tubes
  • 12 x 828ml American Quart Sized Cartridges.
  • The Green Glue Noiseproofing System is designed to reduce the impact...

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How to Use the Products

Soundproofing a Wall

For drywall, the soundproofing compound is spread on the back of the wall before it is hung. Available in a large bucket (which is the most cost-effective option) if you’re soundproofing your entire house. You will need to keep filling an applicator to apply it though which will slow you down a little.

You can also buy it in tubes which negates the need for an applicator. 24 tubes equal one tub so it’s up to you if you want to pay a little more for an easier method of application.

Step 1

The first step is to hang the first layer of drywall. This should be done as you normally would by screwing it to the studs. It’s recommended you seal the seams between each sheet. This has to be done carefully though because if there’s too much it will create a bubble. The two drywall panels will not sit tightly together and this will reduce the effectiveness of Green Glue. Another option is to stagger the drywall panels when you apply the second layer. This may involve cutting the boards to size though so it’s your choice what will be less work for you.

Step 2

Once the first layer is up then you need to spread the compound on the back of the panels for the second layer. You only have 15 minutes or so before it will dry out so it’s best to do one, hang it, and then proceed to the next one.

Step 3

Apply the compound in random beads across the panel. For reference, you’ll need 2 of the tubes to cover a 4 by 8-foot panel. To reduce mess you should leave a 2-3 inch border around the edges so that you don’t get it all over your hands when lifting the board.

Step 4

Once you’ve covered the board, lift it up and press it firmly against the first layer of drywall. You can then screw it into place as normal. To get the optimum results you should now pair the compound with the sealant product. The sealant comes in an applicator tube and you should use it to seal the areas where the drywall meets the ceiling, the floor and around any holes you have cut out. Once this is complete you are done.

Soundproofing a Floor

For floor soundproofing, the joist tape is incredibly easy to use. It comes in different widths so you’ll need to measure your joists first to make sure you buy the right size. Your joists need to be clean before applying the tape or it won’t stick properly. It is best to clean the joists at least a few hours ahead of time so they are dry before you begin.

To apply the tape you simply lay it onto the joists. You can either do it by hand or there is an applicator. This is just a tape roller as you would use with sellotape so it’s very easy. Apply the tape to all your joists and you’re done.

The clips are a little more complicated and they need to be installed in a specific layout. This is explained in detail on the manufacturer’s website here.

As with the drywall, it’s possible to double up on products. You could use the joist tape to stop your floors from squeaking. Then, before you lay the floor you could apply the compound onto the back of the floor to reduce noise from below.

How much you want to spend and how much time you want to take are your main considerations. However, spending the time now will ultimately save you time and effort in the future if having to redo.

Are Green Glue Products Safe?

Green Glue is water-based therefore not toxic and does not have any carcinogenic properties at all. You should have no worries about using it in your home.

It does give off a strong smell when it’s being applied but this goes after a few days. As you’re putting up drywall or laying floors it’s likely the room won’t be fit for habitation anyway so it won’t be a problem.


Make sure to wear a mask and keep the room properly ventilated, i.e. keep the windows open!

Should I Use Green Glue?

For soundproofing projects, Green Glue has products for most of the room. Used properly they will reduce a substantial amount of noise. Bear in mind no product will stop all noise, but done correctly it will reduce it enough that your room will be very quiet.

It’s best to develop a budget before starting any project as Green Glue is more expensive than other solutions. Make sure you know exactly how much soundproofing you’re looking for, then look at the products available.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound - 12 Tubes
  • 12 x 828ml American Quart Sized Cartridges.
  • The Green Glue Noiseproofing System is designed to reduce the impact...

Last update on 2023-11-21 at 14:01 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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