How to Make a Noisy Car Exhaust Quieter (5+ Ways)

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Last updated: February 2, 2023 at 15:46 pm

Getting your car to quiet down can be a difficult endeavor to overcome. However, it must be something that you prioritize because no one likes a loud annoying car. You want to be able to drive around without having to bother the people around you.

Furthermore, contributing to noise pollution may even result in you facing charges if someone complains about it to the authorities. Many states prohibit loud cars, and so it is important to address this problem as soon as you can.

Before you start looking at ways to make your car exhaust quieter, you should look at the interior problems that are causing your car exhaust to become loud. Some problems are pretty plain, simple, and easy to solve.

However, problems that are more complex require professional assistance. In this car soundproofing article (exhaust specifically), we will discuss some of the common mechanical problems that lead to exhaust loudness along with solutions for making a car exhaust quieter.

What Causes a Car Exhaust to Get Loud?

The most common reason for a car exhaust to get loud is leaking. This happens when your car exhaust becomes too old. On the other hand, your car exhaust may also be loud because it is too powerful. This happens if you have a fast car with a powerful engine.

Therefore, mitigating the sound that is blasting out of your car’s exhaust involves repairing some of these mechanical hazards. Below we will look at how making a few repairs can help quiet down your car exhaust.

Ways to Make an Exhaust Quieter

1. Fixing the Leak

Fixing the leak will require a proper analysis of the car exhaust. This involves looking for holes that are causing the leak. In circumstances where you find a small hole, you use a heat resistant epoxy to seal it. This is most likely to solve the problems of exhaust loudness in your car.

Dealing with a small hole in your exhaust may require you to follow the instruction manual that it came with. However, if you find more than one hole in your exhaust or a considerably larger hole, you may have to consider buying a new muffler. If you cannot afford to make heavy purchases, then maybe try using muffler cement.

2. Cleaning

In some instances, all you need to do is simply clean the car exhaust to mitigate exhaust loudness. Old cars tend to start getting louder because of excessive rust collection in the muffler. Proper cleansing, which involves the scraping and eradication of rust can be a simple solution for making your car exhaust quieter.

3. Invest in a Silencer

This is an easy and reasonably priced solution to a loud exhaust. Investing in a silencer can ultimately help you in softening the loud drastic noise of your exhaust. This is more of a DIY solution that focuses primarily on reducing exhaust loudness. There are many silencers in the market so make sure that you purchase one, which is specific to your exhaust’s dimensions.

Furthermore, it has a simple installation process, as it requires you to simply slide the silencer inside the exhaust pipe. The reason why silencers can achieve a quieter exhaust sound is that they shorten the overall circumference of the exhaust. This decreases the pathway of the air that passes through, which results in a lower sound from the exhaust.

Even though this solution may not lower the exhaust noise as much as other solutions, it still ranks high because of its affordability and simplicity. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick solution to a loud annoying exhaust, you should consider buying a silencer.

4. Invest in a Muffler

a car's muffler

Your muffler is the most pivotal part of your exhaust. This part of the exhaust is at the very end, but fortunately, you can replace it. Getting a new muffler can make your exhaust quieter.

Before you decide on replacing your old muffler with a new one, you must get a professional’s advice. This is because a professional muffler dealer will have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with one that works best for your car. Furthermore, there are mufflers readily available in the market that quiet down your exhaust loudness without affecting your car’s performance.

Mufflers come in different shapes, sizes and models. Make sure that you do your research and pick out a muffler appropriate for your car. Installing a muffler takes a certain level of understanding and skill. Therefore, you should hire a professional or someone experienced to do the job for you.

You can even use some heat-resistant items that will make your car exhaust quieter. Inserting items like these inside the muffler allow them to absorb some of the excessive noise. This ultimately results in making the car exhaust quieter. Doing this requires proper handling of mechanical tools. Therefore, do not attempt doing it if you do not have experience using them. A good mechanic can help you with this process with ease.

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5. Check Engine

Sometimes, all you need to do is make little tweaks and installations in the car engine to produce a smoother sound. There is always the possibility that the loud noise is emerging from the car engine instead of the exhaust or the muffler.

Sometimes low oil levels make the car engine gurgle and vibrate, creating loud noise. Other times, worn out torque convertors or bad bearing are the culprits, so be sure to check your engine along with the exhaust.

Other Ways

You can use plenty of other tips and techniques to make a car exhaust quieter and smoother. If you have trouble with the loud exhaust noise while driving the car, then some measures may block the noise from coming inside your car.

These include the addition of soundproof mats on the floor and the roof along with sound blocking material at the insides of your door, like Silent Coat or Dynamat.

Furthermore, there are also soundproofing sprays that can help you block the sound.

To Conclude

There are several ways to make your car exhaust quieter. Having a noisy car makes for a terrible driving experience, not to mention the disturbance it causes everyone else. Therefore, make sure you try every measure to tackle the problems that cause exhaust loudness.

These solutions not only make your car exhaust quiet but also smoothen the overall drive of the car. Whatever you do in response to the exhaust loudness, make sure that it does not badly influence the car’s overall performance.

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