17 Harmless Ways to Get Revenge On Noisy Neighbours

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Last updated: March 29, 2023 at 12:48 pm

Let’s talk about what you can do to get revenge on noisy neighbours. That might sound a bit confrontational, but our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries… a place be can escape the stress, hustle, and bustle of daily life.

In this article:

We’ll run through 13 (harmless) ways to get revenge on your noisy neighbours, some more practical than others. Before we get to some suggestions however, here are some points to consider.

Points to Consider

How Often Is This Neighbour Noisy?

With the best will in the world, everyone makes noise sometimes. It could be an argument between family members, a new patio or extension being built, or even a new pet that makes noise while settling in.

Assuming your neighbours are normally very friendly and don’t cause noise issues then maybe you could let it go in the name of maintaining a good relationship.

If the noise happens too frequently for you to put up with then consider having a friendly chat before taking action.

Is the Noise a New Thing?

If your neighbours have recently got a new puppy or have recently had a baby, then it might be that the noise is unavoidable for a few weeks. You can of course ask them to try and keep it down, but realistically it is unlikely to happen!

Likewise, if your neighbours have just moved in, the noise you’re hearing regularly may well be them unpacking. Allow them a few weeks to fully settle before you comment or act on the noise.

Have You Asked Them to Be Quiet?

If you’re thinking of acting on your noisy neighbours, it might be worth just popping them a letter through their letterbox, or even popping by to see them first.

Often, people don’t realise quite how loud they are until it is pointed out to them. It is always worth asking your neighbours if they could keep it down (in a polite way), or at the very least ask if they could warn you if they’re going to be particularly noisy.

Are You Being Reasonable?

If you’re living in terraced housing or a block of flats, you are inevitably going to encounter some noise from your neighbours. So before you complain or make their life difficult, it is worth considering whether or not your noise complaint is actually reasonable.

If you don’t like that they hoover 3 times a week, then you might just have to suck it up. But if they’re having bi-weekly raves until 4 am, you’re probably in the right.

What Time of Day or Night Is the Noise?

If the noise is mostly through the day then, again, do you want to potentially create problems with otherwise good neighbours over it. If it’s at night, and it’s preventing you from sleeping, that’s another matter.

How Loud Is It?

Is it noise from voices, the tv, or music that you can hear but only faintly? If so then having a chat and asking your neighbours to be a little quieter may be enough.

If the music is deafening, the dog barking loudly, or you can hear every word your neighbours are saying then this is something you’ll have to deal with.

Top tip:

It is a legal requirement to disclose any disputes you have with your neighbours when the time comes to sell your house. This can and does have an impact on how easy it is to sell, and also the price. Think how far you want to take things before you begin.

When Is Revenge Appropriate?

That’s a decision everyone must make for themselves. If the noise is having a real impact on your enjoyment of your home, and conversations with your neighbours have had no effect then it may be time to take more direct action. Obviously, the ideas below are not your only options.

If your neighbours rent their home then a quiet word with their landlord could do the trick. You can also involve the anti-social behaviour wing of the council, but that’s a lengthy process including a lot of record keeping by you before any action is taken. Think months, if not years. If all that fails, and you’re ready for some payback, read on!

13 Harmless (and Silly) Ways for Noisy Neighbour Revenge

Once you’ve established that they are being unreasonable, the noise is constant, and you’ve even asked them to be quiet, you can start to take your revenge. The best 10 ways to take your revenge against noisy neighbours are:

1. Do some housework

There are a lot of things that need to be done in the home that make a lot of noise. Most of us are considerate enough to do it in the middle of the day when it won’t disturb anyone. If your neighbours like to sleep late though, or take a nap in the middle of the day, that’s the perfect time to get out the hoover, the lawnmower, or the leaf-blower.

The noisier the better!

Or maybe you can finally reorganise your bedroom. The banging and grinding of heavy furniture being moved is pretty effective. If you’re working outside, and they come out be sure to give them a cheery smile and wave!

2. Play your music loud

Assuming their music is blasting out then indulge in a little tit-for-tat. If they’re into thrash rock, counter it with some classical music. If they love dance music try some country and western. Try and figure out what will annoy them most and go with it. For bonus points, if you can tell when they’re having a little bit of “special” time then get it blasting.

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3. Learn to play an instrument

If you’ve always had a hankering to learn the violin (so screechy!), the drums, or the tuba then go for it. The fact that you’ll likely be horrible to start with will work beautifully to get your point across. If you’re not musically inclined then get a karaoke machine and belt out your favourite hits.

Maybe even stretch yourself and try some opera. Give yourself a bonus if you can hold the long notes.

4. Use your kids

There are SO many options here! Let them run around the house with their shoes on, early in the morning. Get a bouncy castle, and invite ALL the neighbourhood kids.

Let them bounce and scream all day right next to your neighbour’s fence. Buy them a football goal, or a basketball hoop and let the bouncing of a heavy ball drive your noisy neighbours crazy.

5. Embrace your inner child and go nuts on their doorbell

As long as they don’t have a video doorbell or security cameras then ring the bell and disappear. Do it multiple times a day at different times.

Leave it a day or two so they thing it’s stopped and do it again. If they love the footy, put it on and when it’s getting exciting go press that bell. Every time that it looks like someone might score ring it again. It should make them crazy and you happy.

6. Leave something that will stink near their windows

It could be rotten eggs, prawns, or chicken that’s gone off. Tuck scraps of chicken into plant pots, a few prawns in hanging basket. The closer you can get these items to windows or vent blocks the better.

7. Have a party, a loud one

It’s a perfect way to get your own back. In the summer, you could make it a barbecue instead. That will add smoke and the sound of kids playing to the mix. Make sure you start it early in the afternoon and that it goes on all evening.

You could even pair it with option one and do your lawn mowing and hedge trimming earlier in the day to get your garden ready for guests.

8. Make sure your dogs are getting plenty of exercise

Play fetch with them nice and early in the garden. The more excited the get and the more they bark the better. In the evening, covertly throw a ball around in your house and your neighbours can enjoy the thundering sound as they run around after it.

9. Use leftover food

Hide bits of leftover food near their home and see what inspects or vermin you can attract. Ants are a safe bet in most areas of the world.


If you’re feeling particularly vindictive, and you know they hate spiders, you could scoop up any you find in, or around, your home and quietly place them near windows or doorframes on your neighbour’s property.

11. Subscriptions

Subscribe to as many embarrassing catalogues and newsletter as you can…haemorrhoids, sexual dysfunction, male pattern baldness, a kinky sex catalogue…seriously just go nuts. They’ll never be able to look the postman in the eye again. The works even better if you live in a block of flats and there’s a communal mail area.

12. Treat them with kindness

Make them a treat, bring it round and tell them you want to bury the hatchet and work out the noise problem. ONLY do this if you’re sure they’re going to be dicks about it. Lace the brownies, cake or traybake with laxatives.

Have a small amount yourself so they don’t get suspicious and possibly take some Imodium in advance. The neighbours will be too busy running to the loo to bother you.

13. Wi-Fi

Many people still don’t secure their Wi-Fi password. If your neighbours are one of them, log into their router’s control panel and change the password. They’ll get it sorted eventually but it will take time and effort.

14. Buy your pet a new toy

Those with cats or dogs have an advantage when it comes to taking revenge against a noisy neighbour. All you need to do is get your cat or dog a squeaky toy or a heavy ball and encourage them to play with it. Get them to squeak it as much as they can or throw the heavy ball across the house (this works especially well for those who live above their noisy neighbour).

Alternatively, just get your pets to play more and run around with them. Call their name, squeal with them and just work hard to get them all hyped up. They’ll love it, and your neighbours… won’t.

15. Sign them up for junk mail

Plenty of places still send regular magazines and catalogues to their customers in the post, and you know your neighbour’s address, so just find the most hilarious, cringe-worthy subscriptions for free and sign them up to as many as you can.

16. Speak to the local authority

Most regions have their own laws on noise levels. Across the UK there is a noise curfew from 11 pm to 7 am, wherein the police can issue warnings to those who are overly loud at home or in residential areas.

Contact your local authority, the police or even your landlord if they live in the same house share or block of flats and ask what they can do to help you with the situation. You might even find that other people have reported their noise levels, too.

17. Interrupt certain activities

One of the most common causes of noisy neighbours is a certain adult activity. If you’re hearing your neighbours enjoy themselves, then as soon as it starts, run to their front door and ring the doorbell before running away.

They’ll have to stop, and it will give you a break from hearing far too much!

A Final Thought

It’s understandable to want to get revenge when someone disturbs your peace and quiet. It’s even worse when they know they’re doing it and simply don’t care. However, in trying to fight them please be careful not to become the thing you hate. It’s unlikely it’s just you and your neighbour with no one else around for miles. Don’t become the person responsible for making your other neighbours lives a living hell.

They’ve done nothing but be good neighbours to you after all. You could talk to them and see if they want to be involved because the noise is likely to be bothering them too. Or at the very least invite them to the bouncy castle day, barbecue, or party. You won’t be annoying them if they’re having a good time. As for your problem neighbour, good hunting!

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  1. I have a neighbor upstairs who stays up to around midnight though 1 or 2 am and he keeps me up. It sounds like he is stomping around. It is very stupid that somebody can stay up at those hours.

  2. i have the neighbors from hell!There is about 15 of them that live in a one bedroom apt.as it is i live in a old house so there isnt much insalation that seperates them from me.they stomp around all day< ALL DAY!play loud music all day.drink all day and stomp up and down the stairs all day.ive asked them to keep it down multable times.called the landlord.even had to call the cops a few times.they are just disrespectful as hell and i know if something isnt done soon theres gonna be a physical altercation.
    last night i was wrapping my kids christmas gifts from santa and they started their shhhh..and woke my kids up and caught me with their gifts.talk about losing my mind.my kids still believe in santa.3 and 6.so you could amagane how furious i was.
    it must be nice to come from another country ,none of them work(all grown ass men)and live off of the tax payers. not everyone is here for good reasons.but thats another story.

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