Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Worth It?

A pair of noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones aim to reduce outside (or airborne) noise and focus solely on the listening experience. Due to this added benefits (compared to standard headphones) they are usually more expensive. Let’s take a look at the benefits and downsides of noise cancelling headphones to decide whether they are worth…

Soundproof Panels: Everything You Need to Know

Black soundproof panels

A soundproof panel is a board which absorb sounds by using dense, foam like material. They are usually made into a wedge like shape, which is optimal to disrupt soundwaves from penetrating the panel. To enhance the effect even further, most panels have additional soundproof material fixed to the back….

Q&A: My Snoring Is Annoying the Neighbours

Bed on adjoining wall

This question comes from Jennifer. Question Hi AJ. I am delighted to have found your excellent website. My problem is complex. My rented bungalow is semi detached. The 2 main bedrooms (mine and my neighbour’s) are back to back, our bedheads are against the shared wall and they cant be…

5 Common Tumble Dryer Noises and How to Fix Them

Tumble dryer making noise

In a country as prone to rain as the UK, tumble dryers are often a must for busy families. Without it, no one would get to school or work wearing clean clothes. However, like all appliances, you may experience problems or strange noises coming from it, especially if it’s old…

How to Reduce Echo in a Room (Cheaply)

Wall art to reduce echo in a room

We all know how cool an echo can sound. Who hasn’t at one point or another roared in a big, empty room or a deep dark cave. It’s not quite as cool, however, when a room you spent a lot of time in is echoey. Very quickly, the echo becomes…

Acoustic Sealant for Soundproofing: Pros & Cons

Acoustic sealant being applied to plasterboard

Acoustic sealant is essentially sealant which offers soundproof qualities. Using this type of sealant can add extra sound dampening to rooms, especially when using it along with acoustic plasterboard. But does it really make a big difference or is it negligible? In this article, we take a look at the…

7 Noisy Boiler Noises and How to Fix Them

A white home boiler

Household noises are common and usually nothing to worry about. However, there’s one item in the home which easily takes the top spot for the most varied and worrisome amount, and that’s a noisy boiler. A boiler can make countless different noises, some harmless and some that need some more…

9 Ways to Fix Squeaky Windscreen Wipers

squeaky windscreen wipers

There are few things more annoying when driving than squeaky windscreen wipers. If it’s raining, you can’t turn them off, and that piercing squeak every few seconds feels like it’s going to drive you mad. This is especially true if you’re working towards soundproofing your car. In this article: We’ll…

6 Best Quiet Air Conditioners Under 65 dB (Portable)

A quiet air conditioner (white)

During long, hot summer months a quiet air conditioner can be a godsend. There’s nothing worse than being hot, sticky and feeling unable to sleep, or even live comfortably during the day. Portable air conditioners are fairly common, but due to how they work, they naturally make noise. This excess…

How to Stop Water Hammer Noise in Pipes

A water hammer arrester

Hearing an alarming banging from your pipes when using your washing machine or turning off the tap? What you’re probably hearing is water hammer noise. It’s usually nothing too serious, but can be frightening when it gets too noisy. In this article: We will explain what water hammer is, what…