A noisy radiator

How to Fix a Noisy Radiator – Eradicate the Noise

The best thing you can say about the weather in the UK is that if you don’t like it, all you have to do is wait – it’ll change. It’s entirely possible to have temperatures of only a few degrees in June and be absolutely baking in summer. That’s why…

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A device for noisy neighbour revenge

13 Harmless Ways to Get Revenge On Noisy Neighbours

Let’s talk about what you can do to get revenge on noisy neighbours. That might sound a bit confrontational, but our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries… a place be can escape the stress, hustle, and bustle of daily life. In this article: We’ll run through 13 (harmless) ways…

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A squeaky clutch pedal

How to Fix a Squeaky Clutch Pedal (+ Causes)

Anyone who drives a car will tell you, over time, they tend to develop the odd annoying noise. Often, it’s a rattling sound that can be very hard to pin down. Most of us learn to tune it out, but some noises we shouldn’t. One of those is a squeak…

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A non ticking clock

5 Silent Wall Clocks That Don’t Tick (on the UK Market)

A silent wall clock is a godsend if you’re infuriated by a constant ticking noise. If you’re anything like me, ticking in the kitchen drives me crazy. Therefore: A non ticking clock could be just answer, especially if you’re looking for a wall clock to tie a room together. In…

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Installing soundproofing in a room

How to Soundproof a Room: The Ultimate Guide

There are many different things that can cause interior and exterior noises. These include loud neighbours, traffic, noisy kids, etc. Soundproofing your rooms can be a great way to get rid of all of the unwanted noises. Also, there are many cheap and affordable ways to do that. There are…

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A man fixing squeaky bike brakes

How to Easily Stop Squeaky Bike Brakes (Disc or Rim)

Cycling can be a wonderful activity. It keeps you healthy, gets you out into nature and is even a method of commuting to work. Nothing will ruin an enjoyable bike ride faster, however, than brakes that squeal every time you use them. In this article: We’ll explain how to stop…

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A lay z spa hot tub

How to Reduce Noise of a Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub

Noise probably isn’t the first thing you think about when looking at hot tubs. If they’re too noisy however, it can take away the relaxing atmosphere you’re trying to create. In this article: We’ll look at the best ways to reduce noise of a Lay-Z-Spa so you can enjoy your…

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A boy applying soundproof paint on a wall

Soundproof Paint: Our Tried and Tested Opinion

If you’re experiencing noise problems in your home, you’ve probably looked into every soundproofing option you can find to restore peace. Among the many options, you may have found soundproof paint. Let’s have a look at soundproof paint and explain if it works, how it works and the pros and…

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A silent 100 bathroom extractor fan

4 Best Silent Extractor Fans (for All Bathrooms)

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night, switching the light on, and a loud in-your-face extractor fan starts whirring away. Your bathroom should be quiet, peaceful and quite often, and escape from a noisy house. For this reason: We’ve reviewed our 4 favourite silent bathroom…

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A white noise machine as an ear plug alternative

5 Alternatives to Ear Plugs for Sleeping (That Really Work)

There are many people that struggle with going to sleep in a noisy area or around loud noises. They are light sleepers and need to do something to cancel out the outside noises. Ear plugs for sleeping is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this issue….

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