Vape Making a Hissing Noise When Not In Use?

vape hissing

Vapes, both disposable and otherwise, make a lot of noise when in use. They also make a decent amount of noise outside of use. For those who aren’t familiar with how vapes work, or what is going on inside their vapes, it can be concerning when these noises occur. If…

Why Is My Induction Hob Noisy?

induction hob noise

Induction hobs are great options for those who want to save money on their energy bills. They are also a safer stove top than the alternatives like electric hobs or gas hobs. For those who are not familiar with induction hobs, they can be daunting, and there’s a lot to…

Does Your Car Make Noise When Starting Then Go Away?

a car start button

It’s quite common for a car to make a certain noise for a few minutes when first starting the vehicle or turning it off. You have a problem on your hands if the noise persists or occurs at irregular periods while driving. There are a number of potential problems that…

8 Reasons for Fan Noise When Your Engine Is Off

car fan noise

We’re all used to our cars making noise, but usually, the noise only occurs when the car is in use, when the engine is turned on. If you’ve noticed that your car is making noises when your engine is turned off, you may be concerned. But do you need to…

Why Brake Pedal Vibration Happens: And How to Fix

brake pedal vibration

When a car is running smoothly, the idea is that it shouldn’t be noticeably wobbly, squeaky, or vibrate more than just the necessary engine vibration. When a part of the car does become wobbly, squeaky, or starts to vibrate, then it is often a sign that something, somewhere is faulty….

How to Pop Balloons Quietly: 5 Easy Ways

popping balloons quietly

Balloons are great additions to parties and celebrations. Kids love them, pets love them, and they can be a brilliant (and inexpensive) decor option to take a normal room or hall to the next level. The downside comes when you have to throw them away. Popping balloons can be loud…

10 Best Soundproof Fabrics for Noise Reduction

hessian fabric

It’s important to know what fabrics will work the best when soundproofing any kind of building or room. Some fabrics work better, in terms of quality sound insulation, than others depending on what they’re made from. Whether you’re decorating your own house or soundproofing a building, we’ll walk you through…

The Best Lubricants for Squeaky Floors (2023)

squeaky floor lubricant

Whether your home is carpeted or decked out with stylish hardwood floors, it is hard to avoid squeaky floorboards. They creep up on the best of us and can become really irritating! Nobody wants to squeak as they walk around their property. But is there anything that you can do…

How to Fix a Clicking DXRacer Chair (Only Way)

dxracer chair

DXRacer chairs are award-winning computer chairs. They’re often used by those working long hours at a computer or for people who game for long periods of time. Having said this, you may run into some problems with your chair, which tend to come about due to normal wear and tear…

How to Stop Sandals Making a Suction Noise

stop sandal suction

Every year, as the warmer months approach, people up and down the country dig out their sandals from the back of the wardrobe. If the sun’s out, the toes are out! The only downside is that annoying suction noise that some sandals make when you wear them. Nobody wants to…