7 Ways to Reduce Projector Noise (Make Quieter)

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Last updated: December 20, 2021 at 9:30 am

Projectors are an extremely useful tool for enhancing presentation and for adding a cool effect to any event. Unfortunately, they’re notorious for adding their noise as well, increasing the overall sound level in the room instead of helping to reduce it. There are a few ways to tackle this issue without having to invest in another projector.

Ready to learn how to silence the rattling of your projector? But first, let’s look at why projectors make such a sound in the first place.

Reasons Why a Projector is Noisy

Projectors have a good connection to make a sound. They can be noisy when they are working. One of the reasons why this may happen is that they are not set on the most silent mode. If you want to reduce the noise, you just must turn it up in the settings.

But there is another reason why your projector may start to make noise. Sometimes, even though you have turned it up so that it can work quietly, it may still make some noise.

This happens because of the dust on the lens or because of some other reason. Projectors emit noise that can be considered annoying. Here are a few reasons why they do so:

a. The fan could be the issue. If it’s not working correctly, it might start to make a whistling or screeching sound, even if you don’t see any objects around it. The louder the noise, the more issues there are with the fan itself.

b. The lamp could be making a noise. The lamp inside of your projector is probably the cause of most noise issues. It might be vibrating in a certain manner or making a grinding sound when you try to turn it off and on again.

c. There could be something wrong with the cooling system of your projector. This can happen because of an accumulation of dust inside of it, which is preventing proper airflow from happening inside of it.

d. One of these two possible scenarios might be occurring: either the lens could be turning a little bit whenever you’re turning on or off your projector (which makes a little clicking/clacking sound), or else your projector has developed an issue with its rotation sensor, which means that the lens keeps turning on and off when you’re not using it (which means that weird noises keep happening).

e. When there are no dampening materials on the inside of their cabinets, which make them louder than they would otherwise be.

Why Are Some Projectors Louder Than Others?

When you hear that blaring projector from a room nearby, you might think that all projectors are loud. However, this isn’t the case. While some projectors have high decibel outputs from their fans and motors, others are quieter.

If you’ve been looking for a new projector, look at the guide below to get an idea of what makes some units louder than others, and what to look for if noise level is a factor in your purchase decision.

Type of projector

Some projectors are designed to be used with a screen and do not emit much sound. Others are designed to be used in an open environment and have fewer sound-reducing features. Noisy projectors may also have a weak fan, noisier internal components, or a bad filter on the exhaust fan.

The age of the projector

A projector that is old may not have been designed with soundproof features to reduce noise. With wear and tear, parts may become loose and create more noise than newer projectors.

Fan size

Projector fans use centrifugal force to move air through the projector to cool its internal components, which can cause the fan noise you hear when you turn on your projector. Some models may have larger fans and therefore produce more noise than others.

Projector architecture

The design of the projector can determine how loud it will be. Some projectors have vents on the top or side of the machine that allow air to flow out easily, while others have vents in the back or bottom of the unit which can restrict airflow and make it louder. Projectors with V-shaped exhaust vents tend to be noisier than those with horizontal or vertical vents as well as those with top exhaust vents.

Casing material

The materials used in building the projector affect its volume level as well. Projectors which are constructed using solid metal shells tend to be noisier than those built using plastic ones because metal conducts sound easily while plastic absorbs it better.

Type of bulb

Some bulbs produce excess noise due to their strength and wattage or inadequate cooling systems. High wattage bulbs can produce heat that needs proper ventilation for adequate cooling. Inadequate cooling systems may include fans that do not work as well as they should or air vents that are clogged with dust particles, which prevents proper ventilation.

Noise level

There are many external factors that affect how loud or quiet a projector will be when in operation. The actual size of the room where the projector is being used can make a difference in how loud it sounds. For example, if you’re in a smaller room without as much soundproofing and you turn on your projector, it is going to be louder than if it’s in a larger room where soundproofing has been added.

Now that you probably know why your projector at the office is noisier than the one at home or vice versa, let’s find out how to reduce the noise of projectors.

7 Tips for Projector Noise Reduction

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1. Tightening up Screws

Projectors are made from plastic, metal, and other materials that can be easily damaged while being transported and handled. Due to this, some of the screws securing the fan might have come loose after being moved around too much. To fix this problem you can use a screwdriver to tighten up these loose screws and prevent them from vibrating anymore.

2. Tightening the Projector’s Lenses

One of the things that can cause a lot of noise is loose or worn-out projector lenses. Over time, the lenses can become distorted and lose their shape. Tighten the screws on each end of the lens so that it is sitting straight and centred in the projector. This should reduce any rattling or vibration, which causes much of the noise.

If you cannot tighten any screws, then you need to replace the lenses entirely. Installation instructions are usually included with your purchase and if not, it is easy enough to find online. If you do not feel comfortable replacing the lenses yourself, take your projector to an electronics store for professional installation.

3. Use an Anti Vibration Mount

These are often used to install computer fans to reduce their noise, but they can also be used on projectors as well. This helps in reducing the effect of vibrations created while transporting or handling the projector frequently.

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4. Clean the Lens

Lenses are usually the main reason for projector noise. If a projector does not have a lens cap, then put some tape over the lens to reduce the amount of light coming out. If you have an LCD projector, try cleaning off the dust and dirt on the lens. To clean off the dirt and dust, use a microfiber cloth and rub it gently on the lens.

5. Use a Shorter Cable

The longer a cable gets, the more opportunities for unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI can cause all kinds of problems in your system including making unwanted noise in your audio or video signal.

6. Use a Hush Box

A projector hush box is an enclosure you can place your projector into and acts like a soundproof box. These can easily be made at home for cheap, and will go a long way to reducing noise.

If you are using a portable projector, you can also make sure it is not resting in your lap or on a pillow. A projector that is resting on a soft surface makes noise because it must work harder to stay focused.

7. Reduce the Fan Speed

This is probably the most effective way to reduce projector fan noise, but it also reduces cooling efficiency. Many projectors automatically slow the fans down if they detect that it’s warm in the room.

If this isn’t happening, try turning off the room lights, closing curtains, or adjusting other environmental controls (like air conditioning) to bring the temperature down a few degrees. If you need to be able to adjust the fan speed manually, look for a model with manual fan speed control, either in the menu system or a button on the projector itself.


The tips presented in this post can serve as a starting point to help you reduce the noise from your projector. You should always do this before starting a presentation, whether there are people in the room with you. Keeping your projector’s noise levels down can make for a much more enjoyable presentation experience for you and your audience.

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