4 Best Quiet Blenders for Early Morning Smoothies

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Last updated: March 22, 2023 at 10:55 am

Let’s be honest, blenders are noisy. Especially if you’re using them first thing in the morning, or last thing at night preparing for the next day. Due to their nature, blenders will never be fully quiet or silent, but there are some which have been made to be quieter than their counterparts.

In this article:

Let’s look at our best picks for quiet blenders you can buy in the UK, to make your morning routine that little bit easier.

Summary – Quietest Blenders in the UK

All of the models reviewed are BPA free. Pay attention to the “best for” column for the blender to suit your needs.

Rank Brand & Model Best for Quiet Score
1 Magimix – Quiet 1.8 Litre Blender Overall 4/5
2 AMZCHEF – 2 Litre Combo Blender Combo 3/5
3 Sage – 2 Litre Super Blender Premium 3/5
4 Breville – 0.6 Litre Budget Blender Budget 2/5

Buying Guide (Look for These Features)

1. How Quiet Is It?

Clearly, if you want a quiet blender, this should be your top priority. Even if you’re blending something hard like ice, most of the noise comes from the motor. Unfortunately, people expect blenders to be loud, so most manufacturers don’t state the volume in decibels. It can make a direct comparison between models a challenge.

One way to gauge the noise level is to look at reviews. If a blender is unusually quiet many people will list that as one of its pluses. You can also look for features designed to make the blender quieter when it’s in use.

Features to look out for include thicker housing around the motor to reduce noise, using rubber gaskets, and some brands use an extra cover which flips over the blender and blocks sound. If you can go to a shop and hear how loud it is, that’s ideal. Just remember that you’re in a noisy shop. The blender may sound a lot louder in the quieter environment of your home. If you can’t test it out, look for the features above.

2. Motor Wattage

This will be a balancing act. The greater the power, the noisier your blender is likely to be. On the other hand, for some tasks, you need a higher power to achieve the texture you want. Cheaper blenders usually have a maximum 600-watt motor.

This may not be enough for tougher blends. Some blenders go up to 1800 watts which will blend anything you throw at it, but the trade-off is that it will be louder.

3. Size

Some noise-reducing features, like the flip-over cover, mean the blender may be larger than other models. If you plan on keeping your blender out, make sure it won’t compromise your workspace too much. Also, make sure the flip top can move freely without hitting the upper cupboards.

If you usually put it away between uses, ensure it will fit into your available cupboard space.

4. Dishwasher Safe

Most blenders get very messy while in use. The power of the motor fires the liquid into every crevice of the blender. If it’s not cleaned properly, you may end up with an unpleasant buildup of old food in your jug. At best, it’s not very nice, and at worst could make you ill.

Also, the blades are metal and can rust if not cleaned thoroughly. So, a key consideration is whether you can put your blender jug and lid in the dishwasher. Some manufacturers have thought about this and made their blenders self-cleaning. You add water and a little washing-up liquid, and your blender cleans itself at the touch of a button.

Others allow you to unscrew the jug for cleaning, so make sure that you choose a model you can pop into the dishwasher. While the jug is being cleaned, you should also periodically wipe down the main body with a damp cloth.

5. Extra Features

Some blenders offer extra features, but they may cost more. So, you should decide if they are important to you. These include:

  • Extra-large or bold volume markings
  • Two different sized jugs for making single or multiple portions
  • A pulse blending option
  • Tampers that blend extra-dense foods thoroughly

6. Warranty

Blenders can be pricey; some models cost hundreds of pounds. If you’re going to spend that much money, you’ll want to make sure it has a decent warranty of at least a year. Some vendors offer a two-year warranty as standard, and others sell three-year extended warranties.

However, a lot of them have so many exceptions that they are not worth the money. It’s tedious but read the small print thoroughly before you buy.

Your home contents insurance might also cover your blender, depending on how comprehensive it is. You need to decide if it’s worth losing your no-claims bonus, though.

4 Best Quiet Blenders (Full Reviews)

Best Overall: Magimix 1.8 Litre Quiet Blender

Magimix Blender Power 4 | Quiet Mark Approval | Metal/Glass | 1300W |...
  • 5-IN-1: With pre-set automatic programmes: Frozen Desserts, Crushed...
  • 8 SPEED SETTINGS: With Turbo Pulse for the creamiest textures

Last update on 2023-11-20 at 11:32 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Size: 1.8 litre
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Guarantee:  3 years (30 years for motor)
  • Motor: 1300W

First up as our best overall blender is the Quiet Mark approved Magimix, model 11630. Magimix is quickly becoming a household name in the blender world, and this model has a lot to shout about.

Firstly, it’s made our list due to how quiet it is. In fact, it should be phrased as “how much quieter” it is compared to other models. It’s still a blender and still makes noise.

At 5.5kg it’s heavy enough not to make any noise moving on a worktop, but not too bulky where moving it around could be a problem. The feet are also non slip so it sticks to surfaces well. The actual jug is quite heavy, so this model wouldn’t be suitable if you have problems with your wrists or arms. The Breville would be better suited in this instance.

1.8 litres should be more than enough for most household for standard smoothies, soups etc. I found this size a good medium compared to the bigger models of 3 litres and 0.6 litres.

magimix 11630

The 11630 comes in four colour choices; black, cream, red, and our favourite satin. The satin “blends” in well with most modern design kitchens so I found it a nice contemporary option.

Having 5 different settings is a nice to have, where you can select from:

  1. smoothie
  2. ice (noisiest)
  3. soup
  4. dessert
  5. and clean

For a blender, it is relatively easy to clean. But, as we all know blenders are notoriously tiresome to wash. How many times have you used a blender then left it overnight with food bits still in? I know I have!

Overall, the Magimix offers a good in between option for those looking for size and quietness. It has a decent selection of options (the best being smoothie and clean) so for a blender it does the job. Might not be suitable for the frail due to a heavy jug.

Best Combo: AMZCHEF 2 Litre Blender

AMZCHEF Blender Smoothie Maker - 2000W Commercial Blender with 2L BPA...
  • ✔🍎【POWERFUL & EFFICIENT BLENDER】AMZCHEF high speed blender...
  • ✔🍎【8 SPEEDS CONTROL & 4 PRESETS】 The blender smoothie maker...

Last update on 2023-11-20 at 11:32 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Size: 2 litre
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Guarantee: Unknown
  • Motor: 2000W

Next up we have the AMZCHEF 2 litre blender from Amazon. There are two main reason this blender is quieter than most. It has solid and stable base which minimises movement and it comes with a noise reduction pad. The 2000W motor is decently powerful, however it won’t blend everything into a smooth paste, so expect some lumps.

The jug is BPA free, and has a non slip handle to keep your fleshly blended smoothie safe. Similar to the Magimix above, the jug isn’t the lightest so make sure you’re okay with that before buying.

Eight speeds and four preset options offers decent options, so whether it’s smoothie, juice, ice or grinding the AMZCHEF should handle it. For my particular needs, I found the 2 litre a little too big, as I make my smoothie on the morning of and don’t bulk make to freeze. If you do however, this size would be sufficient.

The blend quality was good, and little to no “bits” or “lumps” were found. There is a manual option however if you prefer some lumps like me.

In the first few days of using this, we did notice a plastically smell. Very similar to a new air fryer we got. However, after a few uses the smell deteriorates. But, it is something to be wary of.

Best Premium: Sage 2 Litre Super Blender

Sage SBL920BSS the Super Q, Super Blender, 2400 W, 2 Litres, Brushed...
  • The Sage Super Q is a super quick, more powerful and more personal,...
  • SUPER QUICK AND SUPER POWERFUL: This high performance Sage blender has...

Last update on 2023-12-12 at 16:03 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Size: 2 litre
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Guarantee: 3 years (30 years for motor)
  • Motor: 2400W

Ranked as our (very) premium blender option is the Sage SBL920BSS. Integrated with Sage’s patented noise reducing technology, this blender aims to offer industry grade power in a home appliance. In comparison to the AMZCHEF above, the Sage offers it’s noise reduction in it’s motor and fan, rather than relying on it’s base.

Twelve speed and five pre-programmed settings offers more than enough versatility for the average smoothie maker! The motor is powerful and wasn’t a problem with ice, or what we used it for, oats.

The lid was tight, and to be honest, a little too tight where it was sometimes a struggling to get it on or off. So, be wary of that if hand strength is a consideration.

Overall, the Sage is a decent option but not worth the money. Alternatives such as the Magimix or Breville offers much more value for money, and even better features when all said and done.

Best Budget: Breville Blend Active Blender

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker | 350W | 2...
  • Make healthy, delicious smoothies, frozen juices, protein drinks and...
  • One-touch blending action delivers perfect results in seconds; a quick...

Last update on 2023-12-12 at 16:03 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Size: 0.6 litre
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Guarantee:  N/A
  • Motor: 350W

Coming in as our favourite budget option is the Breville compact blender. A big reason this scores well in our quiet score is down to it’s motor size. Being the smaller, and least powerful motor on our list, it comes with the added benefit of being quieter. Yes, there are downsides of a smaller motor, but noise isn’t one of them.

The Breville is the most convenient option due to it’s small footprint, but again, this is the upside of a smaller motor. However, it’s still able to blend a decent amount of ice for making smoothies.

breville active blend

In terms of practically, there are indents in the lid which can be a nuisance when cleaning. It also doesn’t come with a blade cover resulting in the blades being exposed when stored unless the bottle is kept on. But, this is to be expected as a cheaper option.

In terms of value for money, there isn’t many better options than the Active Blend. Small, quiet and practical this tidy blender suits most jobs and with a small, quiet motor it’s not too loud for morning use. It’s also the perfect size if you’re only making one smoothie at a time, and it’s weight is ideal for people with wrist/strength issues.

Even though this is fourth and under the “budget ” option, it is one of our favourites. It’s size and convenience makes it ideal for a daily user making themselves a smoothie before they leave the house.

Rounding Up the Quietest Blend

Blenders are noisy, and 100% of them will still make noise regardless or what they say or do. This is inherent in the way they are build. However, there are blender which are slightly less noisy than their counterparts.

Our favourites being the Magimix as an all-round option, and the historically popular Breville as a budget option. Depending what your needs are, both are excellent options for early morning blender where noise could be an issue.

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