5 Top-Rated Quiet Dehumidifiers to Eliminate Moisture

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Last updated: February 22, 2023 at 10:54 am

Dehumidifiers are often used to remove moisture from room like bedroom, bathroom or spare rooms when drying clothes. As such, noise can start to become a problem especially around winter months where it might be getting used more often.

Because of this, it’s advantageous to opt for a quiet model, which will reduce overall dB and noise level throughout your home.

In this article:

We’ll review our favourite 5 quiet dehumidifiers, explain what features to look for and common benefits you’d expect to see vs “standard” models.

Best Quiet Dehumidifiers (Summary)

Please note: dimensions of each dehumidifier have been rounded to the nearest cm.

Rank Brand & Model Capacity Quiet Score
1 Meaco – MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier 10L or 12L 5/5
2 Pro Breeze – Quiet Mark Dehumidifier 12L 4/5
3 Inventor – Digital Ecofriendly Dehumidifier 12L 4/5
4 Vateen – Small/Portable Dehumidifier 1L 5/5
5 Xaxazon – Mini Dehumidifier 1.2L 4/5

What to Look For in a Quiet Dehumidifier

The first thing people think of when they hear the word “dehumidifier” is a huge machine that hogs up all the rooms in a basement. But this is not the only type of dehumidifier available.

A lot of people are looking for something small, portable, and quiet. This can be very difficult to find, but some brands have made it their goal to create quiet dehumidifiers that are easy to use and have great features.

Trying to find the best quiet dehumidifier can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. There are so many different models out there that it can be hard to narrow it down. If you want to choose the best dehumidifier for your needs, you will want to consider the following:

Noise level

The first thing to note is that manufacturers give dehumidifiers a Noise Rating Index (NRI) rating, which is the number of decibels (dB) that unit generates. The lower the rating, the quieter it is.

The ideal dehumidifier should be as quiet as possible. It doesn’t matter how powerful the unit is if it’s so loud that you can hear it working from another room.

Ease of Use

A convenient model is easy to use. It should have multiple settings that can be accessed easily while using it.

It should also be simple to clean and maintain so that you don’t have to keep buying replacement parts or hiring someone to do it for you.


You will also want to take into consideration the capacity of the unit. This is measured in pints per day and is an indication of how much moisture it can remove from the air per 24 hours.

A higher capacity means that it can remove more moisture before needing to be emptied, but also means that it will be less efficient at lower levels of humidity.

Exhaust Location

Some dehumidifiers have a built-in drain hose option. This allows you to direct water away from the unit so you can easily dispose of it when necessary. If you live in an area where hard water is abundant, this can be very helpful in preventing clogs in your dehumidifier.

A hose is usually included with these units and can allow you to direct water outside or into a drain line where you can empty it every day or two. These hoses are typically about five feet in length, so you will need to find an appropriate place to drain the water close by. Some models also come with wheels to move them comfortably.

Indoor Air Quality

Another thing to look out for when buying a dehumidifier is indoor air quality. Your dehumidifier should have an air filter so it can clean the air as it removes humidity from the air in your home.

This is important because humidifiers can add mould and dust particles into the air which can cause respiratory problems for people with allergies or asthma. You will also want to look for an Energy Star rated unit if possible so that it does not waste energy while being used.


A digital display makes it easy to set and adjust temperature and humidity levels as needed.
Programs and fan settings allow you to customize your dehumidifier based on your needs.

You may want a lower fan setting at night or higher fan settings for warm days when windows are open.

5 Best Quiet Dehumidifiers – Full Reviews

Meaco ABC 36 dB Quiet Dehumidifier – Our #1 Pick

✔ Best overall choice

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier (Black)...
  • COST OF LIVING ENERGY SAVINGS- Energy efficient...

Last update on 2023-11-19 at 22:40 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Capacity: 10 or 12L
  • How quiet: 5/5
  • Noise level: 36 dB
  • Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 46 cm

Meaco is a well known brand amongst dehumidifiers, and the MeacoDry is a great option. This model is available in both 10L and 12L… the only one on our list offering various capacities. The 12L option is around £30 more than the 10L. Depending what you’re using it for, the 10L should be more than enough for a normal sized room. But obviously you’ll see a little more “oomf” with the 12L.

It’s available in four colours; black, blue, green and silver. The main body is always white, only the top is coloured.

The MeacoDry is extremely quiet which we recorded at 36 dB. This is slightly over what they claim of 35 dB, but the difference is negligible. This makes this model an terrific choice to keep noise low, and for use in high traffic area where you don’t want to be disturbed. Bedrooms for example. If it’s in a different room you won’t hear it at all. If in the same room, you’ll hear an extremely low humming noise.

meacodry lcd display

This model is surprisingly energy efficient, which allows it to be ran as often as you need. We average with a few hours of use per day will cost about 10p. The display is also extremely easy to use and customise, and the target humidity can be set from here. We’d recommend a “target” humidity of between 35-40. Once the MeacoDry reaches the desired humidity it will shut itself off, then continuously check the air to regulate.

We tested this in a flat with 74% humidity and suffers from damp and condensation. A few days later the MeacoDry was emptied a couple of times per day, and reduced the humidity (at time of recording) to 59%.

Overall, there’s not too much not to love with the MeacoDry. Good capacity, a range of features, energy efficient and an easy to use display makes this a great 10L or 12L choice. It’s not too big or overdominant so blends well in a room well… especially with it’s sleek minimalist exterior.

Pro Breeze 12L Digital Dehumidifier – Our #2 Pick

✔ Best large option

Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier with...
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION - This Energy Efficient...
  • QUIET DEHUMIDIFICATION - This powerful...

Last update on 2023-11-21 at 14:01 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Capacity: 12L
  • How quiet: 4/5
  • Noise level: 42 dB
  • Dimensions: 50 x 28 x 24 cm

Anyone who’s read our quiet fan article, you’ll be familiar with the Pro Breeze brand. This Quiet Mark certified model comes with a 12L capacity and a whole range of features which rival the MeacoDry above. 12L extraction per day should be enough for standard sized rooms and the daily build up which might occur.

Firstly, we recorded it at 42 dB, which is a great score considering its the largest we’ve looked at. Because of this, it’s perfect for use in any rooms without causing too much disturbance. We’ve advise against sleeping with it on in the same room, as you’ll still hear a low hum if this bothers you. The lights can be switched off however, if you’d like to sleep in the same room, which is a nice touch.

Even at the other side of a door, you won’t hear a thing. It can also switch on and off automatically… but that’s something we’d expect to see.

pro breeze display

The 24 hour timer can be set so that it’s on a loop if you’d like to continuously run it. Once the tank is full, it will automatically shut off. Similar to the MeacoDry, a desired humidity can be set.

In all honestly, not too much separates the Meaco and the Pro Breeze. The main difference is the MeacoDry is also available in a 10L capacity, and this model is every so slightly louder at 42 dB.

The biggest downside we saw from this model was it’s weight. It is relatively heavy. However, the wheels allow it to be moved from room to room without too much bother.

Inventor 12L White Dehumidifier

✔ Best 12L value option

12L/Day Dehumidifier Inventor Fresh,...
  • 【12L/Day Powerful Dehumidification】Reduce up...
  • 【Simple Operation with Digital Display】The...

Last update on 2023-11-19 at 22:40 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Capacity: 12L
  • How quiet: 4/5
  • Noise level: 55 dB
  • Dimensions: 21 x 32 x 42 cm

Next up, we have the Inventor Fresh dehumidifier. This model recorded at 55 dB – so technically the loudest we’ve reviewed. In the grand scheme, 55 dB is still extremely quiet. We’ve ranked this 3rd due to being slightly louder than the Meaco and Pro Breeze – however this models does come in slightly cheaper.

Coming equipped with a “silent” feature, the Inventor’s fans slow down as to lower the overall noise. This will need to be used to achieve it’s lowest dB level. We would not, however, classify it as silent.

As it common with dehumidifier, the Inventor automatically shuts off when full, and the 24 hour timer allows it to be set and forget for maximum control. If you have a drain outlet, you can use the hose instead of the water tank if you want to use the 24 hour timer without having to empty the tank.

This is a great model, however we do feel as though (for the same extraction) the Pro Breeze is a slightly a better option. Not too much separates them, but our main priority is noise, and the Pro Breeze is quieter.

Vateen Small 1.2L Silent Dehumidifier

✔ Best for rooms less than 15 sqm

VATEEN Dehumidifier 1200ml Small...
  • 🍀【3 TIMERS & SLEEP MODE】🍀VATEEN compact...

Last update on 2023-11-19 at 22:40 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Capacity: 1.2L
  • How quiet: 5/5
  • Noise level: 28 dB
  • Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 24 cm

The second smallest model on our list, the Vateen offers a capacity of 1.2L so still pretty small when compared to the 10L or 12L options. Due to it’s size, it records an incredibly low 28 dB and is technically the quietest dehumidifier on our list. The first thing which struck us was just how small the box it came in is.

It has only been ranked lower due to small capacity size which may not suit some people. The low power mode helps to reduce the dB level, which also switches off the fancy lights to save power.

Coming equipped with nighttime options, it can be left on to do it’s job whilst you sleep. The timer also allows you to set it to whatever time you want without having to remember it’s on. The LCD display is really useful, and creates a nice feel in a relatively cheap dehumidifier.

The only downside is it doesn’t come in a larger capacity, but if 1.2L is all you need, this will definitely be a great addition to rooms less than 15 sqm.

Xaxazon 1L Compact Mini Dehumidifier

✔ Best for very small spaces

XAXAZON Dehumidifier 1000ml Small...
  • Removes Moisture Efficiently: With Peltier...
  • Ultra-Quiet&Low Power Consumption: The...

Last update on 2023-11-19 at 22:40 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Capacity: 1L
  • How quiet: 4/5
  • Noise level: 39 dB
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 26 cm

The Xaxazon is a smallest dehumidifier on our list, but the perfect size for really small rooms, cupboards or caravans. Due to it’s size, this model will struggle in medium/large sized rooms as there won’t be much of a difference in humidity level.

Recoding a noise level of around 39 dB the Xaxazon can be left on continuously, if you’d like, without causing too much distraction. This isn’t the quietest model on our list, and even slightly louder than the Meaco 10L option. It is insanely small however, so dragging it around the house or even on trips isn’t a problem.

The water tank can be changed colour to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and will change red once the water tank is full.

Overall, it’s a decent little machine. Small, but does the job for suitably sized rooms. If you need anything bigger, the Meaco or Pro Breeze would be better options for all-round features wand larger capacities.

Benefits of a Quiet Dehumidifier

Truly Quiet Dehumidifier

If you’ve ever owned a dehumidifier, you know that they are noisier than it should be. This is because they need to work hard to effectively reduce the level of moisture in the air. A truly quiet dehumidifier doesn’t have this problem because it’s designed in such a way that the motor doesn’t have to work as hard to produce results.

Comfortable for Home Use

Increasing humidity levels inside the home can lead to an unwelcome environment with mould and mildew growing on walls and floors, which is why an effective dehumidifier is so important.

A quiet dehumidifier is ideal for any room in your home where you spend time frequently. This includes bedrooms and living rooms where you watch television or read books. It also includes your basement where you might like to get away from it all and relax after a long day at work.

Good for Personal Space

Also, a silent dehumidifier can be a great addition to the bedroom. It will remove moisture from the air while the occupants are asleep and they will wake up with fresh air in their room instead of the stale, stuffy air that is usually found in rooms with no ventilation or where windows and doors are closed all day long. This provides an ideal environment for sleeping in and recovering from fatigue.

Additionally, a silent dehumidifier is also beneficial when it comes to home comfort during the summer months. It can help keep your home cool. While heat rises, leaving cool air closer to the floor, a working dehumidifier can lower temperatures by removing excess moisture from the air around your home.

Takes up Less Space

A loud dehumidifier takes up more floor space because it needs to exhaust the warm air it uses to remove moisture from the air. A quieter model does not need to exhaust warm air and can therefore be placed on your floor instead of on the wall or in a window. This allows you to put it in the most convenient place for your home.

Low Energy Consumption

One of the biggest problems with most dehumidifiers on the market today is their high energy consumption rate. The noise that they produce is due to this same reason. A low energy consumption dehumidifier will cost you less to operate over time because it costs less to run as well.

Pets Friendly

Another benefit of a quiet dehumidifier is that it does not disturb pets or wildlife in your home. Pets may become irritated by the noise from another unit and try to stay away from it, but since this one is so quiet, this will not be a problem for pet owners who use it.

Why Does a Dehumidifier Make Noise?

Dehumidifiers work by extracting water from the air using an evaporative cooling system. This essentially works like an air conditioner except that it blows warm air into the room instead of cold air. The moisture in the air condenses on the coils inside the dehumidifier which are cooled by a fan and collected in a reservoir at the bottom of the unit where it can be emptied when necessary.

Water is very heavy, and it takes a lot of energy to move it around. The motor in your dehumidifier must work hard to move the water from the air back into the reservoir for storage. Dehumidifiers run at higher speeds when they are drying out the air more quickly, so their motors need to be able to handle more power and torque.

To speed up this process, many dehumidifiers also feature a compressor and refrigeration system. Here is where things get noisy because these compressors run continuously at full speed when it is turned on.

Other than the motor’s size, you also need to consider its power and voltage requirements. You might think that a bigger motor would make more noise since it can move more weight around, but it’s not as simple as that. If you have a small motor with high power output, it’s going to be making more noise than a big one with low power.

Rounding Up

So there you have it, our favourite quiet dehumidifiers reviewed, scored and trialed. The MeacoDry ABC came out on top, closely followed by the (slightly larger) Pro Breeze. Both options offer extremely low dB levels, which is our main concern.

Not to be outdone the Vateen is a great mini option and at just 28 dB, it’s the quietest we’ve reviewed. This model is perfect for smaller room/flats without too much humidity to extract.

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