7 Best Quiet Fans to Stay Cool in the Bedroom (UK)

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Last updated: March 22, 2023 at 14:16 pm

Staying cool during sweltering summer months and in hot environments shouldn’t be compromised by a loud or noisy room fan. Whether you are working, studying, or just going about your everyday routine, your room fan should be bringing you relief, not a headache.

That goes for sleeping as well, no one should be stuck of needing a fan to cool down for sleeping but then not being able to fall asleep because of the noise! Here you’ll find out just what qualities to look for in a quiet bedroom fan, as well as what might be causing yours to buzz, rattle, and squeak.


Fans are never going to be completely silent due to the way they operate, but we’ve put together the best quiet fans for sleeping on the UK market below. If you already have a fan, check out our handy guide to make your existing fan quieter.

At a Glance

Best overall: Meaco 1056 20dB Bedroom Fan
Best tower: Pro Breeze Rotating 54dB Tower Fan

7 Quietest Bedroom Fans – Summary

Use the table below for a quick snapshot of our favourite quiet fans. Click on each to go straight to a full review! We have tried to review a combination of classic fans, tower and fans with a certified Quiet Mark.

Rank Brand & Model dB Level Quiet Score
1 Meaco – 1056 Bedroom Fan with Quiet Mark 20 5/5
2 Pro Breeze – Tower Fan with Remote Control and Sleep Mode 54 5/5
3 Honeywell – HYF290E4 Ultra Quiet Tower Fan n/a 4.5/5
4 Iris Ohyama – 22 dB Tower Fan 22 4/5
5 Ocoopa – USB Fan for Bedroom or Office 45 (max) 4/5
6 Honeywell – HT900E Black Fan n/a 3/5
7 Igenix – DF0020 12 Inch Tower Fan n/a 3/5

7 Best Quiet Fans for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

1. Meaco 1056 Energy Efficient Fan with Quiet Mark – Our #1 Pick

meaco 1056 quiet mark fan

  • A superb low noise fan with Quiet Mark
  • Various models and price ranges within the range
  • How quiet: 5/5
  • Rotating: Yes
  • No of speeds: 12

The Meaco 1056 is the perfect fan for bedrooms, whether in an adult or child’s room. The 1056 only emits 20dB which makes it perfect for sleeping, or even working in an office. As with all fans, the noise will increase the higher speed it’s set to, we found the highest setting of 12 didn’t impact us too much noise wise.

Rotating in different directions allows the fan to cool the whole room by bouncing air off the walls and ceiling and not just whoever is in direct line of the fan. Coming with a Quiet Mark also provides further confirmation of how this fan really is.

A light can also be toggled on or off, depending if you’d like the room lit or not. A handy remote control gives you full control from bed, and a timer allows you to set it off at a specific time, i.e. while you’re sleeping so as not to get too cold overnight.

The 1056 also has a more premium model, the 1056P. The biggest difference is a height pedestal on the 1056P which is adjustable essentially making it a tower fan. The 1056P also offers a better rotating which cools the room slightly better. This model is around £40 more expensive than the standard 1056.

Overall, we think the 1056 is a fantastic fan with all features necessarily to keep your bedroom cool and quiet. We’ve seen the same specs on quiet fans which are £100 more expensive, so we rate the 1056 very highly.

2. Pro Breeze 30 Inch Tower Fan with Sleep Mode – Our #2 Pick

pro breeze remote control fan

  • Extremely powerful with 3 fan speeds
  • Remote control and built in timer
  • How quiet: 5/5
  • Rotating: Yes
  • No of speeds: 3

This tower fan from Pro Breeze really hits a lot of marks. Three fan speed settings of low, medium and high offers a decent amount of flexibility, but it’s the “wind modes” we like best.

Wind modes allow you to set the fan to normal, natural or sleep to tailor the fan depending on the situation. This will automatically set the fan to the optimal speed without having to use the low, medium or high settings.

Another great feature of the Pro Breeze is a built in essence tray, so you can add your favourite to be blown around the room! Perfect if you have trouble sleeping at night.

The fan rotates 70 degrees making sure it hits all points of the room, and the remote control allows it to be controlled while in bed. A timer also allows it to be turned on/off for up to 7hrs30mins in 30 minute increments. This fan is the tallest on our list, so best placed on a level floor, and not on top of furniture.

Overall, at #2 on our list the Pro Breeze is a very well made fan, with a lot of great features. The sleep setting is our favourite and something which sets it apart from others on our list. Larger than some, make sure you have the floor space to accommodate it.

3. Honeywell HYF290E4 Ultra Quiet Tower Fan

honeywell hyf290e4 quiet fan

  • Specifically designed to be quiet
  • Quiet control, sleep setting and white noise feature
  • How quiet: 4.5/5
  • Rotating: Yes
  • No of speeds: 8

The Honeywell HYF290E4 has been built for two things; power and silence. Coming equipped with 8 speed settings and a 1, 2, 4 and 8 hour timer, the HYF290E4 offers efficient cooling while staying quite enough to use when sleeping.

Along with 8 speed settings, a white noise feature is included aiding sleep and works to block out other noise affecting your sleep.

A remote control is included to change setting from a distance, although annoyingly is turn’s the display light back on! The control can be placed in the build in holder when not in use.

4. Iris Ohyama 22 dB Tower Fan

iris ohyama 22db tower fan

  • A top of the range fan with numerous great features
  • 22dB at lowest speed
  • How quiet: 4/5
  • Rotating: Yes
  • No of speeds: 22 (within three modes

A super quiet option coming in at just 22dB (on the lowest speed setting, however). The Iris Ohyama comes with three pre-made settings; standard, refreshing breeze and night. Each of these have 10 speed settings, apart from night which has 3.

This has has a long range thanks to it’s jet motor, but that’s the reason it only scores 4/5 in our quiet rating. The height can be changed, and it offers great direction being fully adjustable.

A remote control is included as standard, as is a timer which can be set to start/stop in one, two or four hour increments.

5. Ocoopa USB Fan with Quiet Blades for Bedroom or Office

ocoopa usb quiet fan

  • The only USB fan to make our list of quiet fans
  • Under 45dB at max speed
  • How quiet: 4/5
  • Rotating: No
  • No of speeds: 2

The only USB fan to make our list, the Ocoopa packs a punch relative to it’s size. As it’s smaller and USB powered, features tend to be slightly lackluster than others. However, it still offers good power and quietness. Being available in three colours also allows you to match to your current decor.

Two speed settings allow you to speed up or slow down the blades by pressing the power button. We found the lower setting more than enough while sleeping. The lower setting also achieves an incredibly quiet dB level of under 45. Not surprising given it’s size.

6. Honeywell HT900E Black Quiet Fan

honeywell ht900e quiet fan

  • A small fan with nice aesthetics
  • Powerful
  • How quiet: 3/5
  • Rotating: No
  • No of speeds: 3

The Honeywell HT900E is a solid and reliable fan perfect for the bedroom. It small base allows it to be placed anywhere like a bedside table, however this is a compromise for not rotating. The fan head however can be rotated up or down 90 degrees, but it’s unable to move side to side without moving the base.

It has three speed settings without doing anything fancy, and it can also be mounted on a wall if you prefer or if room’s an issue.

Overall, the Honeywell is a great option. Certainly not the quietest on our list, but we don’t think you’ll have any trouble sleeping while it’s on.

7. Igenix DF0020 12 Inch Tower Fan

igenix df0020 tower fan

  • A tower fan quiet enough while sleeping
  • Small design perfect for small spaces
  • How quiet: 3/5
  • Rotating: Yes
  • No of speeds: 2

The Igenix DF0020 is a tower fan designed to take up minimal space, i.e. on a bedside table. This fan does only have 2 speeds, so not as flexible as others on our list. The fans are quiet enough to keep on while sleeping, and 60 degree rotating allows it to cool the whole room without moving it yourself.

As it’s extremely light it’s easy to move around, and the price point offers great value for money.

The reason this is #7 on our list is the air flow isn’t as powerful as others (which might contribute to it’s quietness). We also found two fan speeds not quite enough to deal with all scenarios.

Reasons Your Current Fan is Noisy

✖ Poor Assembly

For starters, you should make sure that your room fan has been properly assembled. Proper assembly means that all pieces and parts fit together snugly, and that everything is secured and tightened. You don’t want to have any loose parts on your fan because once the motor gets spinning, the fan will vibrate, causing anything loose to rattle and make noise.

Take a screwdriver to each screw and make sure that everything is securely fastened, particularly the cage surrounding the blades. Additionally, if the fan has a decorative cover on the front, its recommended to either glue it securely to the device or to remove it completely. For room fans old and new, proper assembly and snug parts can make a world of difference in sound volume.

✖ Maintenance Needed

As mentioned, a secure fan cage is an essential feature of a quieter room fan. Often these cages are made from metal, with plastic or metal claps to keep the cage shut around the blades. If these claps are broken or damaged, it can cause the entire cage to vibrate when the fan is in use. This can result in an increase of noise, so ensure that any damaged clasps are repaired or replaced. Consider also to add a buffer to any gaps between the cage and the clasps, something such as rubber or cardboard can absorb those vibrations and reduce the noise as well.

Something else to bear in mind after purchasing a room fan is that keeping a fan well-maintained goes a long way for sound reduction. Fans can accumulate dust on their blades in as little as two weeks and create unwanted noise when running.

A simple cleaning of parts with a damp cloth every month can rid your fan of dust and reduce the noise made by your unit. If you want to go the extra step, you can oil the engine as well. This should be done sparingly, only twice a year, to keep worn down parts running smoothly and your fan in optimal condition.

Try as you may, sometimes there are still noises coming from your room fan. Often times, there may be problems with the fan itself causing it to be loud and disturbing in your environment. Factors such as where your room fan is placed and how well you maintain it can play a role in the volume level. Thankfully there are simple remedies to quiet your fan and make your environment more enjoyable.

✖ Poor Placement

Where your fan is placed can have an impact on its noise level. Fans should be standing on even flooring. When the fan is running, the force of the spinning blades can cause the whole unit to wobble and shake. If the fan is not on a flat, even surface, then the base may tap against the surface, leaving you with an annoying rattling sound. To remedy this, place the base of the fan on a flat surface or on carpet. If you find your room fan is still rattling, you can even purchase sound absorbing material such as a dampening pad, foam mat, or moving blankets to dampen the vibrations and decrease the sound.

As mentioned previously, loose screws and knobs can be a source of unwanted noise from room fans. Ensure that all pieces and parts are securely fastened to your unit. Everything should be tightened, glued, or taped securely to the fan.

✖ Misaligned Fan Blades

Another source of noise from your room fan may be from misaligned fan blades. Over time and prolonged use, the fan blades can warp and change shape. When they become uneven or unaligned, it can cause an imbalance in the unit that may cause a whirling sound. This fix requires a bit more time and patience, but the maintenance is worth it to keep noise at bay. However, if the blades are damaged or require fixing beyond gently bending them back into shape, then you may need to replace them.

Rounding up a Quieter Sleep

Loud room fans can feel more like a burden than a blessing, but thankfully there are ways to silent noisy fans and enjoy their cooling breeze peacefully. There’s no need to endure whirring, rattling, or squeaking at work or at home. Fortunately, room fans are better equipped with quieter properties, and can be silenced with proper assembly and care. With a quieter room fan, you’ll have a more peaceful and enjoyable environment.

Coming in at #1 on our list is the Meaco 1056, closely followed by the Pro Breeze 30″ tower fan at #2. Both are terrific options, and both cater to a standard style and tower style, respectfully.

If you need something a little more powerful than a fan, check out our article on the quietest air conditioners.

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