4 Best Quiet Fridge Freezers in 2023 [UK Edition]

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Last updated: March 22, 2023 at 10:57 am

A fridge freezer is a staple in most people kitchens. As it’s always on, any noise coming from it will definitely start to aggravate and annoy. Therefore a quiet fridge freezer is the perfect upgrade to any home seeking peace, and a great addition to a recent article I published on quiet kettles.

In this article I will go over what to look for in a quiet fridge freezer, how to make your current model quieter, why your existing fridge might be too loud and my top 3 silent fridge freezers to suit all budgets.

What to Look for in a Quiet Fridge Freezer

Decibel (dB) level

The first specification to look at is the decibel level. This measures how much noise is emitted from the fridge freezer… the lower the number is better.

Generally, you want to look in the 40dB range, which is roughly the same level as whispering. There are some that are higher and some lower, but 40dB is a good middle ground.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is important to look at as it measures how much the fridge freezer will cost you in gas and electricity. This is good by itself, but we are also interested in energy efficiency to measure how much power the fridge needs. The less power it needs, generally the quieter it is.


Regardless of decibel level and energy efficiency, you don’t want to buy a fridge freezer too big or too small. Make sure to measure the dimensions of where you want to put it, and make sure it will fit well in the space.

Quiet Fridge Freezers – Summary

Rank Brand & Model Colour Quiet Score
1 Russell Hobbs – RH50FF140SS Various 5/5
2 Hotpoint – HBNF5517W 228 Litre White 5/5
4 Beko – CRFG1582W Fridge Freezer White 4/5
4 Indesit – IBD5517W White 4/5

Top 4 Quiet Fridge Freezers

1. Russell Hobbs RH50FF140SS Fridge Freezer – Our #1 Pick

Russell Hobbs RH50ff144SS Fridge Freezer

  • Our top quiet fridge freezer pick, loaded with essential features and a modern design
  • Capacity: 167 litre (116 fridge and 51 freezer)
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Dimensions (cm): 141.8 (H) x 50 (W) x 54 (D) *add an extra 2cm to height with legs on

Our #1 quiet fridge freezer pick has to be the Russell Hobbs RH50FF144SS. Forgetting the not so catchy name, this is a sleek, well designed and quiet.

Coming in 4 different colour options of black, red, stainless steel and white, the Russell Hobbs offers any colour you’d need in your kitchen.

An energy rating of A+ ensures electricity bills will be minimal, and a quiet compressor ensures reduced noise. With a dB level of 41, it’s the quietest we’ve reviewed.

A reversible door allows it to be placed anywhere you like, with no awkward door opening.


Make sure to measure the dimension of where you want to put any fridge freezer before buying anything!

One potential downside of the Russell Hobbs is a capacity of 167 litres. Smaller than our other contenders, therefore make sure it’s big enough for your needs.

However, a small capacity does mean slightly smaller dimensions, so it could be easier to fit into smaller spaces.

2. Hotpoint HBNF5517W 228 Litre Quiet Fridge – Our #2 Pick

Hotpoint HBNF5517W Quiet Fridge Freezer

  • A fantastic white option with large dimensions and low dB level
  • Capacity: 228 litre (150 fridge and 78 freezer)
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Dimensions (cm): 174 (H) x 54 (W) x 58 (D)

#2 on our quiet fridge freezer list is the Hotpoint HBNF5517W. Available only in white, the Hotpoint offers a quiet solution at a decibel level of 42.

The large fridge and freezer sections offer a suitable storage and a decent family fridge. Coming anti-freeze will ensure products are kept at a constant temperature without the build up of condensation.

3. Beko CRFG1582W Fridge Freezer

Beko CRFG1582W fridge freezer

  • A well made fridge freezer with a quiet compressor
  • Capacity: 263 litres
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Dimensions (cm): 1820 (H) x 545 (D) x 600 (W)

Coming in third of our quiet fridge freezer list is the Beko CRFG1582W.

With an energy rating of A+, this fridge freezer won’t cost a lot to run and offers a quiet compressor for as little noise as possible. The compressor will only run when it needs to, so most of the time it won’t make any noise at all. When it does run, it’s relatively quiet compared to similar models.

One reviewer mentions how positive the noise reduction has been, and how they didn’t notice their old fridge freezer being so much noisier.

The 263 litre capacity means it’s a decent size so should fit nicely in most kitchens. A reversible door also gives more options of where to put it.

A 2 year warranty as standard should cover you for most eventualities, but be sure to add any big purchase on to your home insurance as well (if you have any).

4. Indesit IBD5517W Fridge Freezer

Indesit IBD5517W fridge freezer

  • An extremely quiet option with a minimal look
  • Capacity: 234 litres
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Dimensions (cm): 174 (H) x 58 (D) x 54.5 (W)

Coming in at just 44dB, the Indesit is a great choice for those looking for a standard and functional fridge freezer. The main feature of this fridge is obviously the lack noise, but a solid seal ensure inside stays a stable temperature. This reduces the length of time the compressor is on, ensuring minimal noise.

Every fridge freezer on our list comes with an A+ energy rating, so electricity costs will be kept to a minimum.

A slightly smaller capacity than the Beko, but big enough for a standard family. The smaller capacity is reflected in a slightly cheaper price, although both the Beko and Indesit offer great value for money.

Why Your Fridge is Making Noise (And How to Fix It)

There are a few reason your current fridge freezer is making noise. Some are perfectly normal, and some might require a specialist to have a look. Regardless, here are the main culprits…

Dripping Sound

Usually if you hear a dripping noise from your fridge freezer is means warmer air is getting access inside. A dripping sound now and again is nothing to worry about, but a constant drip requires further investigation.

Solution: The main culprit is the door seal. If the seal isn’t completely flush then warmer air will get inside and increase the temperature. This will usually always make the fridge noisier, as it needs to work harder to keep a stable temperature inside.

Cracking/Scraping Sound

A cracking sound generally means the fan has a build up of ice around it, meaning the fan is finding it harder to function.

Solution: Try to defrost the fridge to remove ice build up. If the sound persists, it would be worthwhile getting an expert in to see if the fan needs to be replaced.

Buzzing Sound

A loud buzzing sound could indicate you have a faulty compressor. A minor buzzing sound is relatively normal in a standard fridge freezer, and would require a quiet fridge freezer to quieten.

Solution: Get a specialised in to diagnose the problem with the compressor. Alternatively, upgrade your fridge.


Rather than review a hundred different fridge freezers, we thought we’d keep it simple. They all do the same job at the end of the day, so we chose our top 3.

Our top pick is the Russell Hobbs RH50FF144B, followed by the Beko and Indesit. We found the Russell Hobbs just offered that little bit more in terms of colour choice, quietness and modern design. It also ranked the quietest at 41dB.

If you’re looking for something smaller, check out our favourite silent mini fridges.

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