6 Best Quiet Generators Under 69 dB (UK Plugs)

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Last updated: February 18, 2022 at 20:48 pm

Whether you’re camping, travelling in a motorhome or using one at home, a quiet generator is a great addition when looking to add more peace to your life.

Who wants to go camping to stare up at a black sky with bright twinkling stars with a noisy generator ruining it? Not me, that’s for sure.

In this article:

We’ll run through our favourite quiet portable generators and what you should be looking for when doing your own research. Of course, a generator will never be silent, but all our reviews are generators under 69 dB.

We have also reviewed a wide range of wattage, so make sure the power is suitable for your needs. You won’t need a 3000w quiet generator to charge your phone while camping…

Quietest Generators – Summary

Rank Brand & Model dB Quiet Score
1 Bohmer – W4500i Quiet Generator 59 5/5
2 Wolf Power – Light & Portable Generator 58 5/5
3 Bohmer – i2500W Petrol Generator 59 5/5
4 Briggs & Stratton – 2400W PowerSmart 58 5/5
5 Bohmer – WX3800K Outdoor Generator 69 4/5
6 BEAUDENS – Portable Generator n/a n/a

Main Features When Choosing Your Generator

dB level – the focus of our list, dB level is recorded (usually at the lowest level) to provide a gauge on how quiet the generator is. We at Quiet Living use our Quiet Score to rate noise level.

Portability – this is an important factor depending on what you’re using the generator for. Often, generators are used for camping/outdoor activities where portability is essential.

Wattage – wattage is linked to how powerful the generator is. Usually, the higher the wattage the noisier the generator will be, so keep that in mind. You also don’t want to buy a generator with a higher wattage than you need.

Emissions – emissions are becoming more and more important in general life and buying choices. Look for a generator will low emissions to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Power supply – the main factor here is making sure the power supply is reliable and constant.

Fuel efficiency (run time) – making fuel (or petrol) go further is important. Just like a car… the less you have to full up, the better.

6 Best Quiet Generators (Full Reviews)

1. Bohmer W4500i 1900W Quiet Generator – Our #1 Pick

Best all-rounder with solid power and low dB

bohmer w4500i quiet generator

  • Power: 1900w
  • Noise level: 59 dB
  • Weight: 24 kg

The Bohmer W4500i Generator is touted as one of the most neighbor friendly generators available. With just 59 dB, this generator is a perfect choice for camping and powering home appliances without worrying about disturbing anyone. Thankfully, its single fuel tank can help the generator run easily for 6 hours.

This model also features a detection system that automatically shuts down the generator’s power during an overload. However, this doesn’t cause the engine to stop running. The engine is protected with an oil protection system that shuts down the engine whenever the generator’s oil level drops below normal.

Another excellent feature is its fuel efficiency. Despite being a silent generator with an optimal performance level, the intelligent engine management system included in its design helps it reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%. In essence, it is an economical option for persons who will want to run the generator for longer hours without worrying over fuel costs.

This generator’s portability is also a plus, supporting its suitability for camping. However, to support its weightlessness, the generator doesn’t include a better and starter motor. Eliminating these two components has also contributed to the generator’s affordability.

However, although without a starter motor, the engine is still starts quickly with little or zero effort, thanks to the Generator III recoil starter included in its design.

It has a top power of 2000W and continuous running power of 1700W. It is highly beneficial for electronic device users. Generally, portable generators aren’t safe for use under extreme weather conditions; the same applies here.


  • It’s an ultra-quiet generator with 59 dB
  • Light weight and very portable
  • The generator can run for long hours (up to 6)
  • Pure sine wave technology ensures the generation of clean power and the ultimate safety of your devices
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Body design would make you think it’s a German machine, however it’s made in China

2. Wolf Power Genie 800W Quiet Generator – Our #2 Pick

Best for domestic/camping usage with great fuel efficiency and portability

wolf 800w generator

  • Power: 800w
  • Noise level: 58 dB
  • Weight: 9 kg

The Wolf Power Genie Petrol Generator is another quiet generator that offers excellent value for your money. Apart from quietness, its top feature is the reliable supply of stable power whenever and wherever needed. Its frequency and voltage stability are set between + or -1%. This makes the generator an ideal option for users of sensitive electronic devices, such as laptops, televisions, home theatres, etc.

Due to its quietness when in use, this generator offers low fuel consumption and great power to weight ratio. Essentially, the generator is light weight and economical. Even when on, you can switch the generator to “idle mode” to save on fuel, thanks to the included optional “econo” switch. When the switch is on, the engine automatically corrects its speed whenever loads are added to the generator.

There is also a power overload cut-off that protects the device whenever an overload occurs. So, technically it’s almost indestructible under regular use. The power overload cut-off system has an overload indicator light that comes on whenever any appliance exceeds the generator’s electrical output. Also, if the AC output voltage rises waywardly or the generator overheats, the electronic cut-off will automatically activate, ensuring the generator’s safety. Interestingly, after a break-off, the machine resets automatically to normal when restarting it.

It is not only light weight but also portable. Weighing only 9 kg it has good mobility regardless of its use. Technically, the generator was designed for easy mobility.

Finally, this generator features a 12votts battery charging function, which makes it a brilliant option for domestic backup power, too.


  • Low noise emission
  • Ultra-light weight and portable
  • Overload protection
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Recoil starter


  • It will be a bit noisier when on full use

3. Bohmer i2500W 2000W Generator

bohmer i2500w silent generator

  • Power: 2000w
  • Noise level: 59 dB
  • Weight: 22 kg

The second on our list of the quietest generators to buy in 2021 is the Bohmer i2500W Generator. Like the W4500i series, the Bohmer i2500W Generator also has a noise level of 59 dB, making it a perfect option for camping or powering home appliances without disturbing your environment with noise.

Apart from its quietness, this petrol generator also features an advanced engine system which reduces fuel consumption by about 40% and emissions… ensuring the safety of your immediate environment.

The Bohmer i2500W has a 10 litre fuel tank that helps it run for up to 10 hours. The generator also has an overload detection system that automatically shuts power output during a power overload and an oil protection system that shuts the engine whenever your oil level is too low.

This model is 100% copper-wound for a stable and constant power supply and a pure sine wave technology to ensure only clean power is supplied. These features make the generator safe to use for sensitive electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops, etc., without interference.

Whether for use at home as an alternative standby source of power or to provide power around and a campsite, the Bohmer i2500W generator is a top option to consider.


  • Ultra-quiet generator at 59 dB
  • 10 litre fuel tank
  • Powerful performance
  • 100% copper-wound for a stable and constant power supply
  • Reduced emissions, making it plant-friendly
  • Pure sine wave technology ensures the generation of clean power and the ultimate safety of your devices


  • The generator is not light weight and comparatively bigger than others

4. Briggs & Stratton 2400W PowerSmart

briggs stratton 2400w quiet generator

  • Power: 2400w
  • Noise level: 58 dB
  • Weight: 23 kg

Next on our list is the Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Generator. It’s an ideal inverter generator for camping, recreational vehicle travels, etc. Its design is based on a computer-controlled technology that adjusts the engine speed according to power usage. This ultimately saves time, fuel and helps the generator operate quietly.

This generator operates at 58 dB, making it very quiet during operation… both in regular or full use. Also weighing 23 kg, the generator its light weight.

This model has a peak power of 2400W and running power of 1800W. The generator’s setback is its tank size with just 3.8 litres, its running time is approximately 8 hours.

Nonetheless, it is still an excellent option for users who prioritize quietness and the safety of appliances over run time.


  • Ultra-quite generator with just 58 dB
  • Minimal emissions
  • Economical
  • Uses a computer-controlled technology that adjusts engine speed based on the power used


  • Small tank size

5. Bohmer WX3800K Fuel Efficient Quiet Generator

bohmer wx3800k outdoor generator

  • Power: 3000w
  • Noise level: 69 dB
  • Weight: 46.5 kg

This model certainly isn’t the quietest on our list, however we added it as it’s a quiet options taking into consideration the power it offers.

First, the Bohmer WX3800K is very easy to start: add fuel and oil, turn the switch on, and pull the Gen-III quick start recoil system. This quick-start feature of the generator significantly contributes to its minimal fuss and noise.

The safety system of this generator is similar to that of the Bohmer i2500W and W4500i generators.. It includes an overload detection system that shuts the power output during a power overload and an oil protection system that protects the engine whenever the oil level is low.

Another feature is its large fuel tank, 15 litres, which allows the generator to run continuously for 10 hours. Although not as fuel economical as the others on this list, the Bohmer also helps you save fuel considerably.

It’s also 100% copper-wound to ensure the generation of stable and constant current. This way, you can run multiple appliances using the generator without worries. Finally, the generator is highly portable for convenient mobility.


  • Quiet with minimal fuss during normal operation
  • 100% copper-wound
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to start
  • An overload and low oil level detection system
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Durability might be a worry if not adequately maintained

6. BEAUDENS Portable Compact Generator

beaudens compact generator

  • Power: 150w
  • Noise level: n/a
  • Weight: 3.5 kg

Another quiet generator you should consider is the Beaudens. We couldn’t ascertain the exact dB of this model, however it’s power and size makes it a solid choice. It’s safe and friendly nature ensures its indestructibility during normal use, making it an excellent option for camping, home, or emergency use. Most importantly, this gas-free generator operates as quietly as possible.

Weighing less than 3.5 kg, the Beaudens is durable and strong, featuring an aluminum body. This generator has two 12volts DC outlets and one 110volts AC outlet, plus a battery capacity of 166watts per hour.

The unit has a safety feature that allows the generator to switch off automatically whenever the generator overheats, overloads or overvoltage.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Lithium battery for durability
  • Has a standby time of up to 8 months
  • Includes multiple charging ports


  • Power efficiency is average

Benefits of a Quiet Generator

The most common use for generators are outdoor and camping. Camping as an activity should be tranquil and peaceful. Generators, however, are usually loud and a noisy distraction you don’t really need. A quiet generator makes as little noise as possible, making sure the campsite as peaceful as possible.

Generators with a low dB level are usually also on the smaller side. This is because large, outdoor generators are usually ran with high wattage and low fuel efficiency. Quiet generators are therefore usually a lot more portable than their louder counterparts. Another benefits, is the better fuel efficiency which comes with small and more portable generators.


All of the above offer a really good dB level compared to standard generators. However, our top 2 came through as the Bohmer W4500i and the Wolf Power Genie. Both of these options offer slightly different things, more power vs better portability. So, depending on your usage, either of these options would be a great shout.

If you’ve got an existing one, reading our article on soundproofing generators will be helpful as well.

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