13 Best Quiet Pets For Living in a Flat

quiet pets for flat living

Last updated: November 25, 2022 at 15:47 pm

In the modern world, more and more people are finding themselves living in studios or flats, and therefore, must be much more aware of how much noise they are making than those who live in houses or bungalows.

This means that people are looking to make quieter choices when it comes to everything from furniture to hobbies, and even pets.

If you’re in the market for a new pet, but you want to do everything you can to be a respectful neighbour, why not consider a pet from this list of the best quiet pets for living in a flat?

13 Best Quiet Pets

1. Geckos


Geckos are great pets. They might not be everybody’s first thought when it comes to what pet to get, but they make wonderful additions to a home. The Leopard Gecko is a very popular house pet for a whole range of reasons.

The animal is very easy to care for, they just need heat, food, and water, and lots of love. With the right vivarium, they’re pretty low maintenance.

They are docile, and love to be held, making them great family pets, and they can live for up to (and over) 20 years! Plus, if you’re that way inclined, geckos are easy to breed too.

They are small and light, and do not make noise, making them perfect for living in a flat. On top of that, a vivarium doesn’t have to take up loads of space, meaning that even those in a small flat or studio could easily house a gecko.

2. Frogs


Frogs are a very popular animal now, and they make amazing pets. There are plenty of different species to choose from, and generally, they do not make very loud noises.

They’re super light on their feet, so no need to worry about your downstairs neighbours, and unless they’re really going at it with their ribbits, it is unlikely they’ll be heard.

The animals are inexpensive, do not require huge amounts of attention or maintenance, and are cool and unique. They’re fun to watch and have around, and some frogs will even be happy to be held.

3. Tarantulas


While this pet may not be the choice for everyone, it can make a wonderful apartment pet. Quiet, easy to care for, and super cool, a tarantula is the perfect pet for anyone who doesn’t fear spiders and is looking for something truly unique.

They need around a 10 to 20 gallon aquarium, and only need feeding every other day or so. The downside is that you shouldn’t really handle a tarantula often – if at all – as their venom is mildly toxic.

4. Chinchillas


Chinchillas are super cute, and much more like the typical idea of a pet (fluffy and cuddly) than the other animals on this list. They are only around 9 to 15 inches and can be kept in hutches or cages.

They are pretty clean animals, and are odor free (for the most part) meaning that they are perfect for those living in flats or small enclosed spaces. Generally they do not really make noise, aside from squeaks and grunts every now and then.

Be aware, however, that chinchillas should not live alone. The animal can get incredibly lonely if living as the only pet. You’d be better off getting two chinchillas than one. Especially since they don’t require huge amounts of space. Two chinchillas would be happy in a 5 foot by 5 foot cage or hutch.

5. Guinea Pigs

guinea pig

Another fluffy buddy, guinea pigs are one of the perfect pets for a flat. They are small and quiet, only making soft squeaking sounds that are unlikely to be heard by any neighbours. They are very fun and easy to handle and are so active.

Their enclosure does not need to be huge; a seven or eight-square-foot enclosure would be just fine for one pig, and the enclosure needn’t be tall as the animals can’t climb!

6. Hamsters


Just like guinea pigs, hamsters are adorable little balls of fluff that take up hardly any space and are very quiet. Hamsters are smaller than guinea pigs and are clean, plus they don’t shed at all. Since they are small, they only require around two cubic feet to explore, as well an exercise wheel, things to chew, and food and water.

Hamsters can be easily trained to be handled, and love time out of their enclosure to spend time with you. They do make some noises, but nothing loud, and the most noisy they’ll get is in their wheel or ball.

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7. Rats

Some people would never dream of owning a rat, but they make wonderful pets. Rats are naturally clean, and they love people. They’re super intelligent, and quiet, friendly animals.

They only require a small cage and are pretty low maintenance. If you’re not about, they’ll likely just take a nap!

8. Ferrets


Ferrets are a surprisingly popular pet, probably because of how much they love to play. They will play with one another, with humans, with toys – they’re just big kids!

They do require quite large cages, so perhaps they aren’t the most suitable for those in small apartments, but they are very quiet and tend to sleep most of the day if the owner isn’t there.

The only downside to a ferret is that they’re mischievous and will often hide and get into mischief. Many ferret owners report having to “ferret-proof” their home and prevent them from escaping or getting into dangerous spots.

9. Snakes

Not for the faint-hearted, but snakes can make wonderful pets. They make barely any noise except for an occasional hiss, and they don’t need much space. Snakes are relatively low-maintenance animals and only need to be fed once a week. They can be trained to like being handled and are a unique pet to have around.

Be aware, however, that most snakes do not like loud noises. They are best suited to quiet places, so their enclosure should be put somewhere far from the TV, radio, or anything else particularly loud.

10. Turtles


Turtles were popular for a while in the early 2000s, and for good reason. They are slow, and thus, quiet, and don’t make any noises on a general basis. The loudest a turtle will get is when they are on noisy exercise wheels at a super slow pace.

They require a fair bit of space but are still suitable for an apartment (although they are best suited to apartments with balconies or gardens, as they do like the outdoors).

The main consideration to make with a turtle, however, is that the animals tend to live for a very long time. Some turtles can live past thirty-five, meaning they are very much not a pet that should be taken lightly. It’s a big commitment!

11. Some Dog Breeds

Whilst dogs can be quite noisy, as they run around, bark and squeal. But there are some dog breeds that are quiet enough to have in an apartment. For example:

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Shih Tzus
  • Ridgebacks
  • Bulldogs

These breeds are calmer than most other dog breeds, so shouldn’t bark or whine too much. You may still find that these dog breeds make noise on the floor when trotting around, especially if you have wooden flooring.

But if you put down carpet or if you’re on the ground floor, generally you should be alright. Other dog breeds known for their calm nature include the Borzoi, the Greyhound, and the Great Dane.

12. Fish


This is probably the most obvious one – fish don’t make noise. You can easily fit a small tank into most apartments and put a few fish in to watch and feed. The downside is that they don’t really interact at all, but they’re great fun to watch and can be quite soothing to have in your home.

The thing to consider if you’re getting fish for your apartment is that they do require much more space than you think. A goldfish, for example, should not be put in a goldfish bowl. These animals grow to fit the size of their enclosure but capping the enclosure too small can lead to health problems and may result in your fish dying very quickly.

13. Rabbits

Rabbits are quiet animals; they do not make much noise. They do, however, hop around. So, if you’re worried about your downstairs neighbours, rabbits may not be the right choice. Otherwise, they can be amazing, smart pets that are fun to have around and can be trained to some extent.

They are often quite cuddly, and if you keep on top of their hutches and enclosures, they are not particularly smelly animals.

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