How to Stop Sandals Making a Suction Noise

stop sandal suction

Last updated: April 19, 2023 at 11:29 am

Every year, as the warmer months approach, people up and down the country dig out their sandals from the back of the wardrobe. If the sun’s out, the toes are out!

The only downside is that annoying suction noise that some sandals make when you wear them. Nobody wants to sound like a squid as they walk around in the sun. So, how do you stop sandals making a suction sound?

How to Get Rid of Sandal Suction

Make Sure Your Sandals Are Dry

If you’re wandering around with sandals that are a little damp from a splash in the sea or a water fight, you’re more likely to experience that frustrating suction noise. Wet sandals are likely to be particularly noisy, so it’s best to keep your summer footwear as dry as possible.

Keeping your sandals dry can also help them to last longer, as water-logged fabrics tend to deteriorate quickly. To dry your sandals after a trip to the beach, you should remove your straps (if possible) and leave them somewhere well ventilated.

Be sure not to leave them in direct sunlight as the UV rays can discolour/damage them. If your sandals are not too wet, you might find that you can skip this altogether and just give them a wipe with a soft cloth to dry them.

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Put Some Antiperspirant on Your Feet

We all get sweaty feet sometimes, there’s no point in pretending otherwise. This is even more likely in the summer sun. If you’ve been wandering around or sunbathing and soaking up the heat in your sandals, there’s every chance that your toes are going to be a little bit clammy.

When this happens, the moisture between the sole of your foot and your sandals will create the suction noise in the same way as wet sandals would.

To prevent this from happening, you can use OTC or prescription deodorant/antiperspirant to keep your feet from sweating as much. Simply carefully spray the deodorant onto the soles of your feet and leave it to dry completely before putting your sandals on.

Sprinkle Some Talcum Powder

If you’re struggling with sweaty feet or moisture in your sandals, one way to help is to sprinkle talcum powder onto the soles. Talcum is made from talc, an absorbent and incredibly soft mineral.

This will help to absorb moisture and prevent any friction and noise. Just make sure that you’ve completely removed any excess talcum powder before you leave the house, as otherwise, you’ll be traipsing it all over the place!

Wear Socks

socks with sandals

The fashion-forward sandal wearers may gasp in horror at this suggestion. But it is one sure fire way to prevent the suction between your foot and the sandal – simply put some socks on!


It’s not recommended to do this with flip flops. But, if you’ve got sandals without a toe bar, you’ll be able to get on fine with a pair of comfy socks beneath your sandals.

Waterproof Your Sandals

Since the issue that causes the suction is some kind of moisture or wetness in the sandals, one way to help reduce the noise is to waterproof the sandals completely.

You can do this by using a waterproofing spray on the shoes. These are available online and will not only help to reduce noise and friction but should also help to keep your sandals well-cared for and in good condition.

Lubricate the Sandals

If friction is causing your beloved sandals to squeak or make any kind of suction noise, one way that you can handle it is to remove the chance for friction to occur. You can do so by sufficiently lubricating the sandal!

To do this, you can use silicone spray, like WD40. It’s a lubricant that is used on surfaces like door hinges and zippers. It should, on sandals, provide a barrier between your foot and the sandal material, preventing any squid-like noises from your feet as you walk!

Simply spray the silicone spray on, let it dry, and head out in your new, suction-free sandals. Perfect!

Apply Some Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline here in the UK) is used for all sorts of things, but most people would not consider using it to make their sandals silent. And yet, it works wonderfully! All you’ll need is some petroleum jelly and a finger or cotton Q-tip.

Simply apply a small amount of the jelly to the sole of the sandal. Rub this in using your Q-tip or finger, being sure to get it spread evenly across the shoe. This should allow you to walk without any suction noises by creating a solid barrier between your moist foot and the sandal surface.

Wear Them In

New sandals, especially those with foam soles, will often make squeaky or suction noises when worn for the first few times. This is simply air escaping from the bubbles within the foam sole. The only way to get rid of a noise caused by the newness of a sandal is to wear them in!

You can do this around the house if you want to avoid anyone hearing your squeaky toes!

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