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As with most people, I love my hamster. However, one thing (more than anything) which annoys me is the night time racket and screeching from it’s wheel. Wheels are essential for exercise so in order to keep a quiet home, a silent hamster wheel is a real life saver.

To keep things simple:

We’ve detailed the 5 best silent hamster wheels in a range of sizes, discuss how to choose a wheel and offer options for both Siberian and Dwarf breeds.

Quiet Hamster Wheel Summary (Top 5)

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Rank Brand & Description Size (cm) Quiet Score
1 Kaytee – Silent Spinner 11 – 30 5/5
2 Silent Runner – 22cm Hamster Wheel 22 5/5
3 Popetpop – Wooden Hamster Wheel 9 or 21 4/5
4 Szmyled – Silent Hamster Disc 11 4/5
5 Rfgfd – Blue or Pink Quiet Wheel 22 4/5

5 Best Silent Hamster Wheels (11cm – 30cm)

1. Kaytee Silent Spinner Hamster Wheel – Our #1 Pick

Best for: All hamster sizes and cage types… a great all rounder

kaytee silent spinner wheel

  • Size: 11 – 30cm
  • Colour: Red or Purple
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suited for: Siberian or Dwarf

The first on our list is a hamster wheel called the Kaytee Silent Spinner. It comes in three sizes to accommodate all hamster sizes. You have mini at 11cm, regular at 26cm and large at 30cm wheel diameter.

This wheel uses ball bearing technology to allow for quiet spinning. However with use, it might get noisy again, but that just means you need to apply some WD40 on the wheel hub where the wheel spins. While there is no way to adjust the wheel resistance, the wheel itself is very smooth and silent.

The best part about the Kaytee (apart from being silent) is its ease of use… the mounting options are great. You can either use it freestanding or clip it to a wire cage. Ideally, you want to do the latter if your hamster is very active or are on the larger side.

Maintenance is also a breeze. Just wash it with mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Make sure to get in all that nook/crannies and clean up all that soap residue before drying completely. You don’t want your hamster ingesting any nasty stuff that’ll make them ill.

Overall, you won’t find many better than the Kaytee. With it’s silent spinning and range of sizes, this wheel is suitable for pretty much all cages, as well as Siberian and Dwarf breeds.

2. Silent Runner Hamster Wheel – Our #2 Pick

Best for: Larger cages with plenty of room

silent runner hamster wheel

  • Size: 22cm
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suited for: Siberian

The striking Silent Runner is a silent hamster wheel using ball bearings to keep noise low. In all honesty, the Kaytee and this model were a toss up between #1 and #2 as both offer great features are reasonable prices.

Due to it’s size, 22cm, this wheel is best suited to Siberian hamsters only. If you have a Dwarf the Kaytee above would be a better shout. The Silent Runner, as the name suggests, is extremely quiet due to it’s ball bearing mechanism. Two bearings allow the wheel to spin smoothly without any squeaks or unnecessary noises.

This model offers a slip free surface to ensure your hamsters feet don’t get injured, and can be installed using the included mount to free up floor space or the large base. Due to it’s slightly textured surface, your hamsters nail are every so slightly filed, so an added benefit of the non split surface.

The only negative from our tests is the wheel can’t be adjusted in height whilst using the base, so if the base is your preferred method it’s stuck at the same height. The base is also metal, where we’d prefer solid plastic.

If you’re looking for some pizzazz, the bright yellow Silent Runner is certainly a great choice. Similar to the Kaytee, this model uses ball bearings to ensure the wheel stays quiet. The biggest difference between the two is the range of sizes available with the Kaytee.

However, if it’s a 22cm you’re after and want something eye catching, this is a winner.

3. Popetpop Wooden Hamster Wheel

Best for: Natural and leafy cages

popetpop wooden wheel

  • Size: 15 or 21cm
  • Colour: Wood/Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Suited for: Siberian or Dwarf

Next on our list, we have a unique wooden silent hamster wheel from POPETOP. Unlike the Kaytee spinner, POPETOP only offers their wheel in one colour and two sizes: medium at 21cm and small at 9cm.

The free-standing wooden wheel is made of high-quality material with a lovely finish, giving you a comfortable and durable exercise platform. While it lacks any shiny or bright colours, the neutral wooden tone (not to mention the soft woody smell) gives the enclosure a more homely feel that your hamster would appreciate.

However, the wooden wheel can get slightly soggy and smelly after a while, so make sure to clean it with baby wipes and attempt to keep it dry.

4. Szmyled Disc Wheel (Blue or Pink)

Best for: Plastic cages with no wire frame to mount

szmyled quiet hamster disc

  • Size: 11cm
  • Colour: Blue or Pink
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suited for: Dwarf

Next on our list, we have a plastic disc wheel from SZMYLED. Instead of a standard wheel, this option is a disc whereby the wheel is placed at an angle, supported by a four-legged stand. Being disc shaped, this wheel becomes compatible with most hamsters sizes.

It comes in only one size with a wheel width of 11cm, and you have the option between the classic blue and pink colour. To keep the weight down and safety high, most of the wheel is made from non-toxic plastic, so there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to nibbling and biting.

As with all wheels the potentially noisy part is the bearing, which is not made from plastic. It is a steel shaft with a high-quality rotary bearing to keep the noise minimal whilst ensuring stability and smoothness.

Right out of the box… the disc, base and bearing are included. Assembly and installation are a breeze, and you can get it up and running in no time. The only downside is that you cannot mount it to a wire cage, so it can take up a fair bit of space compared to other wheels.

5. Rfgfd Spinning Wheel (22 cm)

Best for: Standard cages with room to mount

rfgfd silent spinning wheel

  • Size: 22cm
  • Colour: Pink or Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suited for: Siberian

Finally, we have a silent hamster wheel from Rfgfd. Other than the unorthodox-named brand, the wheel is standard. Available in 22cm it’s perfect for Syrian hamsters if the cage is big enough, and available for both boy and girl hamsters. This model can be used both freestanding or mounted to a wire cage (we prefer the latter).

The overall design is nicely bright and clean. The wheel is translucent so that it would entertain both you and the hamster on it, and ridged on the running surface ensures your hamsters feet are as secure as possible. The high-quality, eco-friendly, and non-toxic plastic is safe for your pet, easy to clean and resistant to bite and wear.

The outer edge polished to reduce resistance and will not hurt your hamster’s feet. The non-slip pattern design on the inside of the running wheel gives extra grip for your pet and they can run faster without the worry of falling. There are no holes either, so you do not have to worry about bumblefoot (more on that later).

The plastic bearing is designed to be silent, super mute, and will not shake or rattle, so even if your hamster goes full ham on the wheel in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t hear a peep.

Do Silent Hamster Wheels Exist?

As this article explains, there are hamster wheels designed specifically to be quiet/silent. These are typically cage mounted, or have a solid stand.

They are also generally made of plastic with no wholes or gaps as to not injure your hamsters feet. Long term use of a wire or mesh wheel can cause bumblefoot, which are abscesses that cause extreme pain… so best to stick to solid plastic.

Are Silent Wheels Good for Hamsters?

Theoretically, there’s no difference between a silent hamster wheel and a normal wheel. The main difference is the noise (or lack of) the wheel makes.

The only reason a wheel would be bad for hamsters is if the wheel is too small. If the wheel is too small, their spine can curve and with excessive use, can cause long term damage.


Regardless if it’s a silent hamster wheel or not, make sure the wheel is big enough and their spine isn’t bending while using it. The video below has a good section on how to choose the correct size hamster wheel.

Rounding up a Squeak Free Home

So that sums it up, above are our favourite silent hamster wheels. We’ve tried to cater for all hamster sizes (and boys and girls) so hopefully one above will tickle your fancy.

Coming in at #1 was the Kaytee Silent Spinner, closely followed by the eye catching Silent Runner. Whichever wheel you choose, make sure to use the right size, as to not injure or cause harm to the spine.

Make sure to check out the pet noise category for more articles on keeping pet noise down.

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