5 Silent Wall Clocks That Don’t Tick (on the UK Market)

A non ticking clock

Last updated: January 10, 2022 at 10:11 am

A silent wall clock is a godsend if you’re infuriated by a constant ticking noise. If you’re anything like me, ticking in the kitchen drives me crazy.


A non ticking clock could be just answer, especially if you’re looking for a wall clock to tie a room together.

In this article, we’ll go through our top 5 favourite silent wall clocks that don’t tick, and what to look for when researching yourself.

Quiet Wall Clocks (Summary)

Click on each for our full review. As all the clocks below are non ticking and silent, each clock has a Quiet Score of 5/5 (apart from our large option). It’s then down to what colour, room and other features you’re looking for.

Rank Brand & Model Best for Quiet Score
1 Tohooyo – Classic Silent Wall Clock All-Rounder 5/5
2 Plumeet – 30cm Silent Wall Clock Office / All-Rounder 5/5
3 Topkey – Night Light Clock (Luminous) Night Light / Kitchen 5/5
4 Foxtop – Multicolour Kids Wall Clock Kids Room / Classroom 5/5
5 Haitang – Large Quiet Wall Clock Kitchen / Empty Wall 4/5

5 Best Silent Wall Clocks That Don’t Tick

1. Tohooyo Black/White Quartz Non Ticking Clock

Best All Round Option

tohooyo non ticking clock

  • Colour: Black/White
  • Power: Battery (AA)
  • Size: 30cm

If you’re looking for a clock with sleek design and can be used in multiple rooms… you can’t go wrong with the Tohooyo silent clock. Powered by AA batteries, the Tohooyo clock is suitable for anywhere in the home or classroom depending on your currently decor.

Quartz movement ensures it keeps good time, and the large numbers with minute “dots” makes it really easy to read.

Overall, the Tohooyo offers a simple design, good timekeeping and an easy to read face. Therefore, we rate this is our best all-rounder suitable for any room.

2. Plumeet 30cm Silent Wall Clock

Best Office Option

plumeet 30cm wall clock

  • Colour: White/Black/Red
  • Power: 1 x Battery (AA)
  • Size: 30cm

The classic looking Plumeet silent clock is similar to the Tohooyo above, but we feel the red colour pop on the second hand leaned it more towards an office clock. However, depending on your decor it can easily fit into any room seamlessly.

We have featured the black version, however this model is also available with a blue or green rim, and an all black option (which looks very stylish). The minute hand moves gradually (not a ticking movement) so it’s adds a certain calmness, perfect for an office environment.

Quartz movement ensures good time-keeping and the bold, large numbers make it easy to read from anywhere in the room.

Overall, the Plumeet is a great silent clock choice. The colour we’ve featured lends itself to an office, however the other colour varieties looks great and can go in any room.

3. Topkey Night Light Wall Clock (Light Up)

Best Light Up Option

topkey night light wall clock

  • Colour: Brown
  • Power: Battery (AA)
  • Size: 30cm

All wall clocks don’t have to be boring and mundane. This night light clock from Topkey offers an impressive rustic look during the day, with a luminous front at night. We feel this clock is ideal for a kitchen or a wee one’s bedroom.

At night, the numbers and pointers will glow green creating a super easy to read clock front. The body is made from hardwearing MDF so it’s relatively long lasting. Similar to the Tohooyo, the Topkey uses Quartz watch movement so the time is always accurate.

This one is definitely a bit different from others, and I think that’s the reason we love it so much. Being easy to read in the dark, and acting as an elegant night light, the Topkey deserves to be on our silent wall clock list.

4. Foxtop Multicoloured Kids Silent Wall Clock

Best Kids Option

foxtop kids silent wall clock

  • Colour: Multi
  • Power: Battery (AA)
  • Size: 30cm

A lovely looking children’s wall clock with 6 colour options, the Foxtop offers a non ticking option which would brighten up any room. With various colour options, this clock would look right at “home” in an office or classroom as well as a kids bedroom.

Large numeric numbers make it simple to read, which help learning to tell time. The face is a sturdy plastic, so a little safer than glass, if in a bedroom or classroom.

As with the others, this clock is completely silent so sleeping or working with it isn’t a problem.

The Foxtop doesn’t offer anything mind blowing, but a well-built, colourful clock perfect for the little one’s room.

5. Haitang Large Quiet Wall Clock

Best Large Option

haitang large silent wall clock

  • Colour: Black/See-Through
  • Power: 1 x Battery (AA)
  • Size: 40 – 60cm

Even though this model is advertised as “silent”, there is still a low ticking noise. Therefore (compared to others on our list) we have given it a Quiet Score of 4/5. The ticking is barely noticeable so it just makes our list, but it’s not completely silent.

The Haitang large wall clock offers a modern and stylish design which would fit well in a contemporary/modern room. We think it looks best in a kitchen, although it could also be good in a living room or office space. Due to it’s size, it’s best to use a large empty wall space so as not to clutter the room.

Quartz movement ensures the time is always accurate, and the iron creates a high quality look and feel. The Roman numeral numbering also adds to the sophisticated look.

Benefits of a Silent Wall Clock

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the benefit is silence! Some people are very sensitive to repetitive noises like a clock ticking, so a silent clock removes this irritation. It may only be one benefit, but there is a range of situations where clock noise would be an issue.

✔ Sleeping

If you struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep, then removing the irritating tick of a clock may improve your rest. This is particularly true if the ticking of the clock is literally all you can focus on as you lie there. You could remove it altogether to solve the problem, but clocks make lovely feature pieces in a bedroom. Also, if you’re running around getting ready for work, it can be handy to be able to glance at it quickly.

✔ Babies’ Sleep

Some babies seem to sleep through the night almost as soon as they get home and seem undisturbed by the normal sounds of the house. Others, however, seem to be woken if you breathe too loudly! If your baby is in this group, then you definitely want as little noise as possible in their room. Clocks are helpful to check how long since their last feed, times for medication if they’re ill, etc., so a silent one means you can have the benefits without the drawbacks.

✔ Studying

If you or another member of your household need to either work or study in the evening, then a ticking clock can be a problem. It’s not so bad during the day when there are other noises both inside and outside. When that noise drops away at night, though, the ticking comes to the fore. When you’re trying to concentrate, it can seem deafening.

✔ Misophonia

This is a condition that causes certain types of noise to be extremely distressing to a person. Even innocuous noises like people chewing, windscreen wipers and yes, clocks ticking can cause anger, anxiety and even a fight or flight response. Many people go undiagnosed, so if a clock ticking drives you crazy, Misophonia may be why.

✔ Light

I know one simple solution to the noise is to get a digital clock. If it’s not going to be in your bedroom or light in your bedroom doesn’t bother you, that’s great. However, some people need complete darkness to get to sleep and can’t have a digital clock in their bedrooms. Also, let’s be honest, there aren’t many attractive digital clocks out there. I doubt you’d find many you’d want to hang in pride of place on your wall.

Other Features to Look For Besides Silence

Readability – You may love a clock that’s made entirely of strands of silver and gold, but if you need to squint to read it, it’s not very practical. If you can, try moving to different distances in the store and see how easy it is to read. If you can’t move more than a few feet away or need to view it head-on, it’ll just become annoying. Get one you can read clearly. Dark hands on a lighter surface are more easily readable in low light.

Size – You need to pick a reasonably large clock as if you choose one that’s too small it will be impossible to read and will look like a pimple in the centre of the wall! Decide if it’s going to be part of a design featuring photos and other pictures. If it’s going to be on the wall on its own, then go for a larger clock around 80cm in size. Not too large, though, as it could completely take over the room and look as out of place as one that’s too small.

Style – It should go without saying, but the clock will look most effective if it matches the style of the room. An extremely modern mirrored clock can be gorgeous, but if your room is all wood and patchwork quilts, it might look a bit out of place. Silent clocks are available in a large range of colours, sizes and materials, so pick one that looks right in the space.

Weight/Diameter – Most clocks aren’t massively heavy, but they can be wide so if you’re going to be hanging it yourself, make sure you can easily lift and hold it without feeling afraid you’ll drop it. This is even more important if you’re hanging them somewhere difficult to access, like above your staircase.

Battery Size/Type – Almost all wall clocks run on batteries, but if the model you’re looking at uses an unusual size or is hard to get into, then you may come to dread having to replace the battery. Try to get one that runs on AA or AAA batteries with an easy to access hatch to get to them.

Extra Functions – Some clocks have a thermometer, barometer and/or calendar included. The temperature and weather prospects probably aren’t vital pieces of information to you, but having the date there can be helpful. Most of us know what the date is until we have to write it down, and then we always have to check. Being able to quickly glance up and look is handy.

Price – Prices for wall clocks go from less than £10 all the way up to hundreds. If it’s going to be a feature that you see every day, it is essential to get one you will love looking at. It’s not worth getting one that puts you in debt, though. Clocks, and silent clocks, in particular, are available at lots of stores, and cheaper shops often emulate the styles of more expensive ones. Shop around and if you can’t find the one you want on sale elsewhere, keeps popping into the shop to look for ex-demo models and upcoming sales.


Each of our silent wall clock picks above are completely quiet and non tick. As we normally rate on Quiet Score, we’ve reviewed the best clock in their category. As such, each clock is a great choice depending on what you’re using it for, and what room it’ll be in.

Our personal favourite is the Tohooyo all-rounder, with the Topkey night light a great choice for the kitchen.

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