How to Stop Squeaky Converse Ruining Your Life

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Last updated: November 24, 2022 at 15:08 pm

If your favourite pair of converse trainers start squeaking every time you walk, it’s time to do something about it.

It’s annoying and embarrassing, particularly if you’re in a quiet office. So, let’s talk about what you can do to restore peace.

8 Ways to Fix Squeaky Converse Trainers

1. Find the Squeak

You can’t fix the squeak effectively if you don’t know where it is. If you try to fix the wrong place, you might even end up with a second squeak. The easiest way to find is to find a willing helper. Have them crouch down on the floor as you walk and see if they can identify where the squeak is coming from.

If they can’t, or if you don’t have a helper, pick up your shoe and gently flex and bend it. If you can make it squeak, you should be able to hear the source of the squeak.

2. Dry Out Your Shoes

drying converse

Moisture is the main culprit where squeaking is concerned. Sweat, puddles and rain all cause your converse trainers to be wet. Unless you leave them in front of a fire or on a radiator, they may not completely dry out. As a first step, try stuffing them with newspaper. If you don’t have one, look for the free papers handed out in town centres.

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Once you’ve thoroughly stuffed your trainers to maintain their shape, either put them in the airing cupboard or near a radiator until they’re completely dry. If you can find any of the little silica gel packages that come in shoes and handbags, it will speed up the process.

Alternatively, you can put your shoes in the tumble dryer. The benefit is that it’s fast, and your trainers will be completely dry. The con is that you risk damaging your trainers and maybe even the dryer if you’re not careful. Stuff the trainers and pop them into an empty pillowcase. Tie the top with a cable tie. Finally, pop it into the tumble dryer and use a low heat setting.

3. Break Out the Talc

As a first step, try drying up any moisture that has built up in the shoe. Talcum powder is perfect for this job, and it smells nice too. Baking powder or cornflour will work too if you don’t have talc.

If your insoles are removable, you can take them out and put the talc on the base of the shoe. If not, massage the powder into the areas where the insole joins onto the sides of the shoe.

4. Rub Lotion into the Insole

Body lotion or hand lotion will be fine. Lift the insole out and rub a little into the base of your converse. Focus your work on the heel end, as this is most likely where the squeak will be.

Replace the insole and see if the squeak is gone.

5. Rub In a Leather Or Suede Conditioner

If the squeak is coming from the body of your converse trainers, such as where the tongue joins the shoe, you can use a leather or suede conditioner.

Simply rub it in, wait a little while, and buff it with a cloth. You may want to do the whole of your shoes at the same time. It’s good for your trainers.

6. Fit Tumble Dryer Sheets Under Your Insoles

Putting a tumble dryer sheet under your insole will help in several ways. Firstly, it will help dry up any moisture. Secondly, it reduces friction between the insole and the base of your trainers. Finally, most tumble dryer sheets are scented so they’ll deodorise them slightly.

If you don’t have tumble dryer sheets you can use paper towels or kitchen roll too. Whatever you choose. Remember to replace them regularly so they don’t get smelly, and bacteria doesn’t breed.

7. Check Your Laces

converse laces

If your laces are the originals that came with your converse trainers, check that they are not laced too tight. This can cause uneven movement and a squeak from the laces themselves. If in doubt, remove the laces, let them dry on a radiator and then re-lace your trainers. Make sure to leave some slack to allow movement.

If they are laces that you added, make sure that they are not too big for the holes. If it’s hard to pull the laces through the eyelets, it’s a sign they are too big. Try replacing them with thinner ones and see if it stops the sound.

8. Lightly Sand Your Soles

If you’ve rules out every other source of squeaking, it could be that your soles are worn. When you walk, they slip and squeak against the floor.

You can solve it by using a fine grade sandpaper and lightly sanding the soles of your converse trainers to restore the roughness. Don’t rub too hard, you don’t want to rub a hole in your favourite trainers.


If your favourite converse trainers have started squeaking, don’t worry. Most squeaking is caused by a build-up of moisture and is easily fixed. With all the fixes above, go slow. Start with a small amount of talc, for example, and add more as needed. Don’t pile it on and have white, sticky feet for months. Make sure your shoes are fully dry before trying anything else.

Make sure you pad your trainers out with newspaper or rags to ensure they hold their shape and don’t shrink. I’ve that doesn’t work try each suggestion one at a time and give it a while to work before trying something else. You’ll soon find the right fix for you and your trainers.

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