4 Ways to Stop a Door Slamming (DIY Fixes)

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Last updated: April 14, 2021 at 15:20 pm

Do you get annoyed when your door suddenly shuts? Do you face this issue often in your home? You need to stop the door from slamming. Not only it causes noise pollution in your home, but also it lowers the age of the door. They can get damaged or worn by continuous slamming. If you want to save yourself from sudden sounds and don’t want to replace your door soon, then it’s better to find a solution to the problem.

In this article:

We’ll run through the four best ways to stop a door slamming, and why it might be slamming in the first place. We also have a guide on door soundproofing if you’d like to take it a step further.

Reasons the Door Is Slamming

The best way to find the solution to any problem is to determine the source of the issue. As we are discussing the door slamming, the most common reason is your family members using extra force to shut the door.

Of course, you need to communicate this problem to your family and explain to them they need to be a little careful with the door. However, you can still face a problem if the door slams shut even without applying excessive force. This means you may have one of the following issues.

Air Flow

Airflow in your space can be a reason for this problem. This is because if you have a window in your room or somewhere else in the house, it creates air pressure. You may know that air travels from high pressure to lower pressure. In that case, it will move from your home to outside.

This results in strong air movements causing slamming of the door. Not to mention, if there is a strong wind in your location, then the slamming can become worse. To prevent this from happening, you can simply close the windows to stop the air from coming into your house, or use a solution below.

Out of Shape

It is another reason why usually your door gets closed suddenly without someone banging it or air current. Generally, it occurs because of irregular installation. A door that doesn’t have a proper vertical structure can be the reason.

Besides, a door can be more difficult to handle if it has a solid core and heavyweight. Because of higher weight and improper shape, it will start to swing and bang every time it gets closed. If you are having these issues, you need to mend the doors (or replace) and install again.

4 Best Ways to Stop a Door Slamming

There are different ways you can stop the door from slamming, whether it’s because of air flow, shape or family members. These are all DIY methods that can help… we have mentioned some of the solutions that you can use.

1. Replace the Door Hinges

If you are facing continued door slamming, then inspect your door hinges. Improperly installed door hinges can make your door imbalanced, causing it to slam on its own. You can tight up the hinge screws, but you need to replace them if they’re worn.

In this case, remove and replace hinges one at a time. Start by replacing the first one and unscrew it from the doorframe and door. Check the alignment with the help of level and adjust hinges to make it completely vertical. Do the same thing with the other two hinges.

2. Install an Overhead Door Closer

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An example of an overhead door closer

An overhead door closer is one of the common things that people use to prevent the sudden closing of the door. Look for the steel or aluminium-based door closer, as they’ll last longer than their plastic alternatives.

Not to mention, there is (usually) a setting to adjust the pressure and speed of the closer. The hinge pressure setting in an overhead door closer will prevent the door from slamming in case of strong winds.

3. Use Felt Pads

Felt pads can help you to stop the door from shutting harshly. You need to use small self-adhesive pads, which you may use to prevent the furniture from scratching the floor.

Start by placing the felt pads on the bottom and top, on the edge of the wall or door frame. Also, stick the felts pads on the bottom and top of the strike plate. These pads should have enough cushion and softness to stop the door from slamming by slowing down the closing process.

4. Install a Door Sweep

People call it both door sweep or door filters. The term door sweep refers to the filtering strips that people place at the bottom of the door to prevent cold air entering the room. They are also great for soundproofing doors as well. A door sweep will reduce airflow in your home, if installed on all door, which should minimize the door slamming shut through wind.

Moreover, these filters are easy to install. You only need to follow the instructions, which will guide you through setting the sweep on the bottom of the door. They are also really easy to remove, so whenever you want to replace or move the door sweep, it’s easily done.

Bottom Line

Door slamming is not pleasing at all, whether you and your family have a habit of doing that or it happens on its own. In any way, you need to stop this from happening for peace and your doors’ longevity.

If you are finally planning to do something about it, use any of the solutions mentioned above. Make sure to first check the reason for the slamming initially, as each solution will depend on the reason it’s happening in the first place.

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