Do Noiseless Ultrasonic Cat Repellers Really Work?

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Noiseless ultrasonic cat repellers are just what they sound like. They use high-frequency sound waves that only cats can hear to repel them from an area you don’t want them in. Most noiseless ultrasonic cat repellers run on batteries (or solar) and are small enough to place almost anywhere. As they’re noiseless, they go a long way to reduce pet noise.

They are also easy to use, but if you’re still wondering if they work or aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out more.

What Are Noiseless Ultrasonic Cat Repellers?

Noiseless ultrasonic cat repellers are small devices that use high-frequency vibrations to deter cats without making any noise audible to humans. They’re usually shaped like speakers and can be placed on tables, walls, or fence posts in the garden.

Stationary repellers are placed in one location and emit sound waves in a very wide range. The main advantage of this type is that it prevents cats from destroying garden plants, digging up flowers and trees, and scratching cars or doors. However, it is not effective for areas with many doors or windows.

Portable repellers have a strong battery so you can move them from place to place after observing where your cat usually gets into trouble. However, the sound is not as widespread as for the stationary one.

However, both devices work well to keep cats at bay so you can have a peaceful time in your garden or house without any threat from these pesky animals.

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How Do They Work?

Ultrasonic cat repellers emit inaudible high-frequency sounds. The sound waves generated by the devices can be considered as ultrasonic vibrations, which are not audible to humans, but which cats and other animals can hear.

Ultrasonic sound waves have a frequency that is too high for human ears (above 20,000 Hz).
A cat has an acute sense of hearing. The frequency of the emitted ultrasonic sound waves is such that it irritates the cat’s sensitive ear membranes and causes them to leave the area immediately.

Most cats do not like high-frequency sounds and will avoid areas where they are present.
Scientists suspect that the ultrasound emitted by these devices has a disruptive effect on their hunting instincts. They believe that the noise confuses them and makes them lose interest in hunting. This is like shining a bright light into their eyes while they try to hunt.

Ultrasonic sound waves can travel through walls, ceilings, and floors, so you don’t need to keep them aimed at the door or window you want to protect.

However, tests have shown that ultrasonic cat repellers decline in effectiveness as the range of their signal’s increases. Therefore, placing the device closer to where the cat is found will give it more time to do its job and keep the cat from returning.

Ultrasonic vs Audible vs Visual Deterrents

There are three common kinds of deterrents for cats: ultrasonic, audible, and visual. Ultrasonic deterrents use high-frequency noise to confuse the cat or distract them from their hunting.

Audible deterrents play loud noises such as meowing or barking to scare the cat away. Visual deterrents include motion-activated sprinklers and laser pointers that scare cats by chasing them.

The effectiveness of the ultrasonic deterrent varies depending on a few things such as the time of day and how close the cat is to the device. The closer they are, the less effective it is. Audible deterrents were found to be effective on most cats during all hours of the day and night. Some however, were still not scared away by it.

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Are Noiseless Ultrasonic Cat Repellers Worth It?

Ultrasonic cat repellers are one of the most popular cat deterrents sold today, along with motion-activated sprinklers and cat fencing but are they worth the hype? The benefits below will help you decide if they are the best for you.

They’re Completely Silent

The most obvious benefit of a noiseless ultrasonic cat repeller is that it doesn’t make any noise at all, unlike some other methods of getting rid of cats. If you’re trying to repel them without scaring away other animals or disrupting the peace in your neighbourhood, this is a big plus.


No chemicals or poisons are involved in this type of cat repelling system. It’s completely safe for people and pets, including your cat. And the lack of chemicals means you can use it anywhere with no worries about harming your property or family members.

No Risk to Animals

Cats who are sprayed with a chemical repulsion substance can become dazed and unable to run away from their aggressor, putting them at risk from other animals and humans. And if there’s more than one aggressor, the cat could become trapped between them and end up injured or dead.

Convenient To Use

Noiseless ultrasonic cat repellers are usually small and portable so you can move them from one place to another if need be. The good thing about noiseless ultrasonic cat repellers is that they work on a motion sensor, so you don’t have to worry about turning them on or off. Once the cat passes by the sensor, it will start working right away and scare the animal away.

Cost-effective and Affordable

The price point is generally low which means that anyone can afford to get one for their property. They are not expensive at all and most of these devices can last for a couple of years without needing to be replaced at all. This makes these products a very cost-effective solution for keeping cats out of your garden.

Harmless to Humans and Pets

Unlike traditional traps that can harm your cat, these devices use only sound to scare away your cat. For this reason, they’re an ideal solution for pet owners who do not want to harm their cat but have had enough of the uninvited guest ruining their furniture.

Alternatives Cat Repellers

If you’re looking for alternatives to ultrasonic noiseless cat repellers, here are some tips:

Try Using Vinegar

Vinegar is known for its powerful smell. When cats smell vinegar, they will be able to sense that they can get sick if they enter your property where you sprayed the vinegar. So, this could work as an alternative for an ultrasonic noiseless cat repeller and keep them away from your garden and home.

Peppermint Oil

This is another powerful smell that can help keep cats away from your property and home. Cats hate the smell of peppermint and will avoid it at all costs.

You can sprinkle a few drops of peppermint oil on your garden soil or around plants to keep cats away. It’s also safe for humans and pets, so it won’t harm you if you accidentally touch it.

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Put Up Fencing and Other Barriers

Cats have a hard time seeing fences, so you might be able to block them out with tall fences or lattice. Climbing plants, such as kudzu, can also act as a barrier to cats.

These options can be expensive and time-consuming but may not be necessary if you’re simply trying to keep cats out of your garden rather than off your property entirely.

Grow Mint in Your Garden

A natural alternative is mint plants. Cats don’t like the smell of mint so, if you plant mint in your garden, it may act as a natural cat repeller. Mint grows easily and quickly in most soil types, so it is ideal for keeping cats away.

Bitter Apple Spray

This spray is designed to deter your cat from chewing on certain items. The active ingredient in this product is denatonium benzoate, which has a bitter taste and smell. The spray does not have any harmful effects on animals or humans, making it an ideal choice for keeping your cat from chewing on furniture, drapes, and other household items.

Bitter Apple Spray can be purchased at most pet supply stores. You’ll need to reapply it frequently if you want it to remain effective.


In closing, yes ultrasonic cat repellers do work. If you are convinced it is the best solution for your specific problem, there are several different models available to choose from.

You will want to test out the range on each product to make sure it covers the area that you need to repel the cats. Therefore, achieving maximum effectiveness.

Whether your cat is using your garden as a litter box or jumping on and off plants causing damage every time they land, an ultrasonic cat repeller can solve your problem and permanently deter them from returning.

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