Will Carpet Installers Fix Squeaky Floors?

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Last updated: August 8, 2022 at 10:42 am

Of all the irritating noises in your home, a squeaky floor must be one of the worst. When it strikes, it always seems to be in a high-traffic area you walk over at least ten times a day. If you’re on a different sleep schedule than someone else in the house or have a baby, it can be even more stressful.

In this article:

We’ll look at whether carpet installers will fix squeaky floors, and what causes them to squeak in the first place.

What Causes a Floor to Squeak?

The short answer is movement. There are many causes, but if the floorboards are not attached firmly enough, they will rub against the joists and each other and cause a creaking sound whenever you step on them.

Don’t be alarmed if you have a squeaky floor; it’s not a serious structural problem, and in most cases, it can be fixed quickly and easily. It’s just very annoying. Maybe you’ve considered replacing the floor altogether to get it fixed. The question is, will a carpet installer fix your squeaky floor for you?

If You’re Getting a New Carpet

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If you’re tempted to get a new carpet to fix the problem, this on its own won’t work. Unfortunately, you’re wrong if you think a thick new carpet laid on top of the floor might mask the noise. You need mass to block sound, and a carpet simply isn’t thick enough on its own.

A product like acoustic underlay or mass loaded vinyl might do the trick, but you’ll need to lift the carpet to lay either of these. If your carpet is already up, it makes much more sense to fix the problem properly.

A professional carpet fitter should fix any problems with the floor before laying a new carpet. The reason is that if they don’t, the movement of the floorboards may prematurely damage your carpet. If the carpet installer is from a reputable company, they should thoroughly check the subfloor and floorboards are in good shape before laying the carpet.

If you’re aware that you have a couple of squeaks, it’s worth pointing the areas out to the installer when they arrive. They can fix those areas first and check out the rest of the floor once they’re done.

If you have a very squeaky floor with problems in multiple areas, you should inform the installer when you book them. It lets them know they might need to spend more time than usual on your job. They can allocate sufficient time to fix it properly and not rush the fix because they’re late for their next job.

Still Squeaks After the New Carpet Is Laid?

Go back to the installer or the carpet company if they hired them. If you told them about the problem upfront, there is no excuse for them not fixing it properly. If you didn’t tell them, it’s slightly more awkward. However, if they are doing their job correctly, they should have checked the floor for defects and fixed them.

If you feel stressed or upset that the problem isn’t resolved, don’t call the installer at that point. You’re far more likely to get a positive outcome if you speak calmly and politely. If you start to get angry or shout, it may mean the installer doesn’t want to come out. Explain the problem and ask if they can come back out and look at it.

If You’re Not Getting a New Carpet

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If you’re not getting a new carpet, you can still pay an installer to come and fix a squeaky floor. There are many online boards where you can post a job and hire a tradesman. You can see a list of their services as well as reviews from past customers so you can be sure you’re hiring someone reputable.

The downside of hiring an installer without buying a new carpet is that good installers tend to be busy. They’re often contracted to local flooring companies, so their schedule is packed. You might need to wait a while for someone to come out. If you want the problem to be fixed quickly, you might struggle to find an installer with free time in their schedule.

Can I Just Hire a Handyman Instead?

Yes, in theory. A handyman will be able to locate the squeaky floorboards and either glue or screw them down. This process will stop the floorboards from moving and stop the squeaking noise.

There are also lots of step-by-step YouTube videos showing how to fix squeaky floorboards, so if you’re confident in DIY, you could even fix the problem yourself. It’s a relatively easy project.

Be warned that you would need to be careful not to hammer or drill through a pipe when doing it. You can buy tools to locate pipes, so this is an excellent investment to ensure that your minor fix doesn’t become a major repair bill.

The problem is that you will need to lift the carpet to fix the floorboards. It’s unlikely anyone other than a qualified carpet fitter will be able to lift your carpet and relay it properly. If your carpet still has plenty of wear left in it, you should hire a carpet installer to ensure it remains undamaged and still looks good in your home.


Squeaky floors are annoying but not a serious problem in your home. If you want to hire a professional to fix it, then a carpet installer is your best option. They will be able to lift your floor or carpet, fix the cause of the squeak and relay it as good as new.

You could also hire a handyman, or if you’re confident in DIY, you can probably fix the squeaking yourself. However, if your floor is carpeted, hiring a professional fitter is still advisable to relay it properly. Before hiring anyone, make sure to get at least three quotes and read all available reviews online.

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