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Croatia is a popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, and it isn’t hard to see why. With gorgeous scenery, relatively cheap hotels, and tourist locations, it’s truly idyllic. With more than a thousand islands, there is plenty to do and plenty to see.

But, with the location being so popular, the islands can feel quite busy. If you’re looking to visit the Croatian islands but want to avoid the hubbub, here are the best and most quiet Croatian islands for you to adventure to.

1. Rava


Rava is a small island in the Zadar archipelago, nestled between the islands of Iž and Dugi Otok. The island is completely beautiful with 13 sheltered bays across the 15 kilometres of scenic, stunning coastline. Visitors to Rava can experience the villages’ sustainable living practices and enjoy homemade local products and produce and sample local delicacies.

The island has two villages, Mala Rava and Vela Rava. The locals to the island, who live in these villages, cultivate the most incredible peaches, oranges, figs, olives, blueberries and even blackberries, so no matter where you go on the island there will be tantalising taste experiences at every turn. Whether you’re giving a jam, some fruit, or even a liqueur or dessert a go – it’s likely to have hand-grown fruits in it!

If you’re not a foodie, you can always take a trip to the hole within the centre of Vela Rava where there is a legend of a huge tree that once rested there. The legend also continues that the hole in the ground leads to the centre of the Earth!

To get to Rava you can travel either by ferry or by catamaran from the city of Zadar – either way, the journey will take you around 2 hours. But that is definitely worth it for the stunning views that Rava provides as well as the chilled-out vibes that come with it.

2. IŽ


Another island in the wonderful Zadar archipelago, Iž is a beautiful island that sits between Ugljan and Dugi Otok. It has two charismatic villages, Mali and Veli Iž, both of which are absolutely packed with character, beautiful sights, and scenery, and plenty of truly authentic Croatian experiences.

The island is perfect for those looking for holistic retreats, ideal for those looking to truly unwind and relax under the sunshine surrounded by all of the natural beauty that Croatia has to offer. Enjoy beautiful views, stunning beaches, and a lovely bit of peace and quiet.

The island is also vegetarian and vegan friendly, and there is even a vegetarian only hotel on the island, the Korinjak Hotel and Camp. It has brilliant Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian cuisine, vegetables, and fruit smoothies, and even has gluten-free and lactose-free options.

3. Šolta


Šolta is a quiet Croatian island near Split that is connected to the bustling city by multiple ferry lines and a speedboat line. Whilst it is a quiet island, it is also perfect for visits back to the city and the mainland. Perfect for those who want the opportunity to enjoy their peace and quiet and to relax surrounded by the insanely stunning Croatian nature. But, who would also love to take a trip or two back to Split and around the mainland.

It is a natural treasure trove with perfect spots around the island for people who are interested in boating, hiking, cyclists, scuba diving, sea kayaking, and any other natural hobbies that allow visitors to truly explore the ins and outs of the Croatian island. When you’re done sampling all that the island has to offer, you can then enjoy delicious local specialties within the village on the island.

On top of all of that, there are some brilliant historical sites with really astonishing historic buildings. Even the villages are quaint, historical, and truly picturesque. There’s just a never-ending fount of true beauty on every coast of this quiet, hidden Croatian island.

4. Silba


Sometimes referred to as a “silent beauty”. It is located within the Zadar archipelago and is a mere ferry away from either Zadar or from Mali Lošinj. The island is absolutely incredible, with everything you could possibly seek from a peaceful and quiet Croatian island. From the coast, visitors can even expect to see small groups of dolphins out in the sea. The fishing industry benefits the island so much that visitors would be missing out if they didn’t try some of the really tasty fresh fish dishes!

There is plenty to do on the island, with one of the major attractions being the Toreta. Built in the 19th century by Captain Peter Marinić, the Toreta is a hexagonal tower with an external spiral staircase. It was built as a memory of his lost love.

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But what really sets this quiet Croatian island apart from the others is that there are no cars allowed on the island at all. It is a completely pedestrian island, making a huge difference in terms of the popularity and business of the isle – it is quiet on another level in comparison to the other quiet Croatian islands.

5. Lastovo Islands


The Lastovo Islands are a series of quiet Croatian islands that are part of the Southern Dalmatian islands. Within them is Lastovo Island, a small island with less than 1,000 people and a size of just 18 square miles. It is near the island of Korčula and is by far one of the sunniest and most holiday-like Adriatic islands. On Lastovo Island there is a city and a nature park as well as a hidden harbour. It is perfectly reachable from Split or Hvar, and the ferry drops visitors at Ubli where they can start their holiday.

Nature lovers can visit Zaklopatica where incredibly lush green forests and the deep blue sea will greet them and show them the true, untouched nature of the island. With a range of bays and beaches, incredible cliffscapes, and lush greenery – there is nothing missing from this quiet Croatian island.

The scenery of the island is perfect for stargazing, cycling and hiking, and is the ideal location for anyone who is just after some real peace and quiet.

6. Drvenik Veli and Mali


These two sister islands are by far some of the best-hidden gems within the Croatian isles. They are two wonderfully hidden pearls in the Middle Dalmatian islands that are easily reached by ferry from Tragir. Visitors to the island can enjoy gloriously sandy beaches, mind-blowing views and even a blue lagoon.

Drvenik Mali is an island that has a tiny population of 168 people, making it one of the quietest Croatian islands out in the Adriatic Sea. The south side of the island has a bay called Solinska and then the east side of Drvenik Mali has a beautiful tourist location called Krknjaši, or the Blue Lagoon. On the island, there are restaurants, a bakery and a small store with unspoiled, stunning nature and beautiful beaches. As well as a peaceful environment that makes you feel like you’ve truly stepped back into the past.

7. Biševo


South of Vis, Biševo is a tiny island with less than 6 square meters. It is the furthest inhabited island from Croatia and has a brilliant tourist attraction known as the Blue Cave or the Modra Špilja. It is only accessible by boat via a very small sea entrance, but visitors to the island can enjoy the incredible blue hues of the water and the limestone interior.

The incredible sea is also home to colonies of dolphins and sea turtles which visitors can enjoy from the comfort of the small scenic islands. Alternatively, they can enjoy a climb and exploration of the island’s monastic ruins that remain from the 11th century.

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