What to Do if Neighbours Are Arguing Loudly

neighbours arguing

When you have neighbours close by, it is inevitable that you’re going to hear one another now and then. Hearing them calling up the stairs to one another, or their fire alarm if it goes off is to be expected. Sometimes, though, you might hear more than you want to….

How to Break Tenancy Agreement Due to Noise (UK)

break tenancy due to noise

When you’re renting a property, you want to be able to live comfortably within it. This means having a feeling of safety and security and being able to relax properly within your home. When things interrupt any of those feelings, it can become upsetting and stressful. Have you had enough…

How to Stop Noisy Upstairs Neighbours Stomping

stop upstairs stomping

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, the chances are you have neighbours. Most neighbours are nice and try to be considerate, especially when it comes to noise. However, if you’re unlucky enough to have one of the inconsiderate ones living upstairs, then the noise they make stomping through…

6 Steps if You Receive a Noise Complaint Letter From Council

noise letter from council

We’ve talked a lot on this site about what to do if you’re being plagued by noisy neighbours. Today, let’s flip it around and talk about what to do if you’ve received a noise complaint letter from the council. 1. Breathe! It can be scary to receive an official letter…

How to Deal With a Neighbours Air Conditioner Noise?

air conditioner

As the UK doesn’t typically experience scorching temperatures, air conditioning has previously been used in shops and offices. However, the UK has reached record-breaking temperatures lately. It was also so hot at night that many people got no more than a few hours of broken sleep per night for a…

4 Best Ways to Record Neighbours’ Noise

record neighbours noise

Sometimes living close to other people is great, they’re there when you need sugar, they can become lifelong friends, and it’s a really comforting community. Other times, however, living near other people can result in irritation, frustration, and anger. If your neighbours are noisy, it can really distract you whenever…

7 Actions If Your Neighbour Makes False Noise Complaints

neighbour making false noise complaints

There’s no denying it can be stressful dealing with unwanted noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of your home. Many articles are available, including those from local councils, that explain how you can act in these circumstances. What if you’re on the receiving end of a false complaint, though?…

7 Best Devices to Annoy Neighbours (That Really Work)

stop speakers jammer

Of all the stresses that you can experience in your home, unwanted noise is one of the worst. A study in Denmark in 2017 suggested that for women, there is a close link between stress from noisy neighbours and a range of physical symptoms, including neck, shoulder, and other joint…

How to Stop Worrying About Noisy Neighbours

a semi detached house

One of the places where we need to feel relaxed and peaceful is in our home. That’s why it is so stressful when that peace is disturbed. Temporary disturbances like local building works or a nearby event are bad enough. When the noise is called by your neighbour, though, it’s…

How to Make Noisy Neighbours Move (Legally)

make neighbours move article

We’ve all been there. You move into your new home. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, and you can’t wait to start living in your new space. Then, a few weeks later, the neighbours start making noise at night. They’re loud, they play music until 4am, and they don’t seem to understand…