4 Best Ways to Record Neighbours’ Noise

record neighbours noise

Sometimes living close to other people is great, they’re there when you need sugar, they can become lifelong friends, and it’s a really comforting community. Other times, however, living near other people can result in irritation, frustration, and anger. If your neighbours are noisy, it can really distract you whenever…

7 Actions If Your Neighbour Makes False Noise Complaints

neighbour making false noise complaints

There’s no denying it can be stressful dealing with unwanted noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of your home. Many articles are available, including those from local councils, that explain how you can act in these circumstances. What if you’re on the receiving end of a false complaint, though?…

7 Best Devices to Annoy Neighbours (That Really Work)

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Of all the stresses that you can experience in your home, unwanted noise is one of the worst. A study in Denmark in 2017 suggested that for women, there is a close link between stress from noisy neighbours and a range of physical symptoms, including neck, shoulder, and other joint…

How to Stop Worrying About Noisy Neighbours

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One of the places where we need to feel relaxed and peaceful is in our home. That’s why it is so stressful when that peace is disturbed. Temporary disturbances like local building works or a nearby event are bad enough. When the noise is called by your neighbour, though, it’s…

How to Make Noisy Neighbours Move (Legally)

make neighbours move article

We’ve all been there. You move into your new home. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, and you can’t wait to start living in your new space. Then, a few weeks later, the neighbours start making noise at night. They’re loud, they play music until 4am, and they don’t seem to understand…

Q&A: My Snoring Is Annoying the Neighbours

Bed on adjoining wall

This question comes from Jennifer. Question Hi AJ. I am delighted to have found your excellent website. My problem is complex. My rented bungalow is semi detached. The 2 main bedrooms (mine and my neighbour’s) are back to back, our bedheads are against the shared wall and they cant be…

17 Harmless Ways to Get Revenge On Noisy Neighbours

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Let’s talk about what you can do to get revenge on noisy neighbours. That might sound a bit confrontational, but our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries… a place be can escape the stress, hustle, and bustle of daily life. In this article: We’ll run through 13 (harmless) ways…

6 Ways to Soundproof Walls – Noisy Neighbours Included!

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Once you learn how to soundproof a wall from noisy neighbours, you’ll never have to worry about hearing shouting, footsteps, banging or the TV from next door ever again! Note: These methods aren’t just for noisy neighbours, they work just as well for soundproofing a wall within your own home….