7 Best Devices to Annoy Neighbours (That Really Work)

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Last updated: July 6, 2022 at 8:00 am

Of all the stresses that you can experience in your home, unwanted noise is one of the worst. A study in Denmark in 2017 suggested that for women, there is a close link between stress from noisy neighbours and a range of physical symptoms, including neck, shoulder, and other joint pain.

In this article, let’s look at devices you can use to annoy your neighbours and get under their skin. Read on to see what works for you.

7 Devices to Truly Annoy Neighbours

Most neighbours try to be considerate, but what if yours are not, even after you make them aware of the problem? There are legal routes you can take, but this process is likely to take months, if not longer.

So, what can you do in the meantime? There are devices you can use to irritate your neighbours in return, and while it might not stop the noise, it may help you feel a bit better.

Before we begin, it’s worth remembering that you are required by law to declare any disputes with your neighbours when selling your house in the UK. This is because a feud with a neighbour could affect the price you can seek your home for or, in severe cases, stop you from being able to sell it altogether. So, before you choose to escalate things, see if there is anything else you can do to resolve the issue amicably.

If you rent, this is not an issue but remember, complaints can go both ways. Your noisy neighbours could complain to your landlord about you and land you in hot water. Or you could inadvertently annoy one of your other neighbours who then complain. Consider your options carefully before you act.

If you’re sure you want to do something, here are seven devices you can use.

1. Ceiling Vibrator or Thumper

ceiling vibrator

This device is best if you live in a flat and your upstairs neighbours appear to be close relatives of Bigfoot. They stomp around their homes, drop things, and generally make you feel like your ceiling is going to cave in.

A thumper is the mechanical equivalent of banging on the ceiling with a brush. They have a long rod that stretches from your floor to the ceiling. On top is a square or cylindrical device that oppresses against the ceiling. It contains a motor that creates a thumping noise on the ceiling.

There is a range of models; some just make a regular sound, others cause a loud vibration, and some do both. They normally come with a remote control, so if you’re in bed and noise starts upstairs, you can start the thumping immediately without even getting up. The remote will also allow you to vary the intensity of the vibrations.

The thumper will not cause any damage to your home or your neighbours; it just lets them know they’re being noisy and allows you to get a little payback.

2. Magnetron

If your main problem is music or noise from the tv, then a magnetron is your best bet. It’s also great if you prefer to stop the noise without it being directly traced back to you. A magnetron is an electromagnetic generator that stops all electronic devices by emitting a pulse.

The upside is that your neighbours will be unable to use any electronic devices whatsoever while it’s switched on. The downside is neither will you! However, if it’s past midnight and you can’t get to sleep because your neighbours are having a party or blasting a movie at full volume, this will guarantee you a bit of peace and quiet.

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3. A High-Frequency Antenna

This one could backfire, so use with caution! The antenna will not stop your neighbour’s noise; it is just a way of getting revenge by annoying them in turn. The antenna will interfere with the speaker if music reaches a certain volume. It will emit a loud screech, sort of like nails on a blackboard.

If your neighbours are sensible, they’ll realise the noise goes away if they turn the speaker down. If they ignore the noise and keep the volume the same, it could make your noise problems worse!

4. Stop Speakers Jammer

stop speakers jammer

For this device to work, your neighbours need to have Bluetooth functionality on their speakers. If they’re old-school analogue, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. As the name suggests, this device works by jamming the speakers so they can’t play anything. This is another stealth option as without searching your home, your neighbours won’t be able to tell if you have anything to do with it.

There are lots of how-to videos that demonstrate how to build one. However, you should be aware that these jammers are proximity-based, so you’ll need to get them within range of your neighbour’s speakers.

It’s also illegal to make an antenna longer than 52 inches for these devices in many countries, so make sure yours is shorter than this. If it needs to be this long to reach their speakers, consider one of the other options like the magnetron.

5. Noise Stingers

You may have heard about noise stingers on the news. Some councils have tried using them in areas where groups of young people were congregating and causing a nuisance. The stinger is an ultrasonic device that produces very annoying high-frequency sounds. The device can produce two different types of sounds.

The first is a high-frequency sound that can generally only be heard by young people who are twenty-one years old or younger. If your noise problems are caused by a teenager next door playing loud music with their friends, then this is a great idea. Hopefully, it will irritate them enough that they go to someone else’s house. Be warned that dogs will be able to hear this noise, too, so if you have one, you may not want to use this option.

The second is a lower frequency sound, and everyone can hear this. A stinger is available online and is simple to use. It runs on batteries so it shouldn’t be too expensive. However, stingers have been known to produce more extreme symptoms in some people, including sweating, nausea, vomiting, and a loss of balance. If you’re going to use it, it may be worth making an excuse to drop round to your neighbour’s home when it’s switched on. If anybody seems to be suffering these effects, stop using the stinger.

6. Children

children making noise

Ok, so they’re not a device, but they are effective. As anyone who has kids will tell you, they’re capable of producing a tremendous amount of noise for such small creatures. So, if your neighbours have been annoying you with their noise, you can use your children as a perfect form of payback.

For example, if they play music late and you know they like to lie in, let your kids play in the room that is next to their bedroom. You can give them noisy toys if you wish, but kids can make a lot of noise on their own. They run around, drop things, shout, and can honestly scream at a frequency that could shatter glass!

If your neighbours are having a day out in the garden or maybe a barbecue, then send your kids out to play. If you want to up the ante, you could invite some of their friends over too. Ok, you’ll have to put up with the noise, too, but your kids will have a great time, and most people don’t feel like they can complain about kids playing, so your neighbours have to grit their teeth and put up with it.

7. Projector Mount and Subwoofer

This option takes a little setting up, but will annoy neighbours to no end as it causes and outrageous amount of annoying noise.

Simple, install a projector mount upside down (either to the ceiling or party wall) and attached a subwoofer. The more bass the better.


Noise from inconsiderate neighbours is very upsetting, can spoil the peace you have every right to expect in your home and even make you ill. While it’s perfectly understandable to be angry and want revenge, try to calm down and think it through carefully before you take action.

You will probably have to live next to your neighbours for quite a while, so if you can salvage at least an amicable relationship, that is the better option.

However, if you’ve tried everything and you’re at your wit’s end, then the devices listed above will help restore peace and get you some payback. Remember to be careful how and where you use them, though, as you don’t want to become a nuisance to your other neighbours or end up on the wrong side of the law. Good luck!

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  1. Hi I think my neighbour is using a noise stinger, I have been having awful ear ache and the noise is unbearable. I have been liaising with the social housing anti social behaviour team and the police to no avail. I am really suffering as I have tried all aspects of trying to talk with my neighbour but things get worse. It all started when they wanted a section of my garden and I said no, they then put a large and horrendous amount of weed killer on my garden, the police said they are aware it was them but I had no proof, it was tons of weed killer. The noise then started in the house and it’s affecting my health. My grandson mentioned that device the stinger and it seems to match what’s going on as we live in a terraced house and the noise comes from the adjoining wall every night and day. Please can you advise. Kind regards Michelle

  2. Thanks for your discription of the many devises, I now know what my neighbour is using on me,all except the jammer. I have wondered for a good while why I unusually,feel sick and have started to loose my balance at times. I am 77 years old and have 3 neighbours surrounding my garden/ bungalow who are ganging up and bullying me for many years. The police do nothing. I wonder do you know of any one that can come and help me collect good evidence as I have no support and not well enough now to do the things that are needed.

  3. I have a pain neighbor that does the same thing with me but my floor ways and I’m losing my balance now I’m having pain in my ear I need help please I have no money to move nothing this neighbor wants me out he said it and I did a police report in the landlord I reported it 5 times please help me

  4. My neighbor has an air conditioner that makes a loud harmonic hum on and off all day and night. The noise hits my house and is absorbed in every room. At night when I lay my head on the pillow it is right there. This has been going on since March. She will not fix it. I called Code Enforcement and they said since it only affects me they can’t do anything. My health is being affected also. From stress, my B12 count is down to 358. The doctor put me on 1000 mgs of B12 daily. I don’t know what to do.

  5. I live on my own in a semi detached house in the UK. Rental neighbours next door. Couple who I’ve found out to be devious. Most nights and some mornings I get bothered with a noise throughout my house like repetitive ringing or some other repetitive sound that I cannot locate. A friend has suggested they use computer games, she said it sounds like that. I’m believing they are using it to irritate me. I had to talk with their landlord about some issues so I think this is retaliation. I cannot get to the bottom of this noise so I wonder what I could purchase to interfere with their equipment as you have suggested in your blog?

  6. Blast ’em with baroque. Handel’s ‘Zadok the Priest’ at top volume will knock their inconsiderate socks off!

  7. I have a renting neighbour who is part of a plot to drive me out of my owned home, as I live alone. I tackled the owner, about noise at night from 01-15am till 10-30 am, and told by this Coloured gent I was racist, and reported to police.
    At 65 I ended up in court and fined. Only once have I been in court and that for my former work for BT, on a cable theft of the network. Still the noise goes on and they have let the place and the agent is a rent a desk outfit. My health now is suffering and lack of sleep affecting my B12 and hearing. A known tactic, use to interrogate criminals. If I got hold of him I would use my combat skills and ensure he lived by the law.
    What can I do to sort this banging on the party wall, save wack a screwdriver through the wall! I have put clause in my Will not to sell my place to anyone connected to next door. And also not to be sold to non whites.

  8. Get yourself a bottle of “liquid , (Amazon) Spray it thru a hole or vent to his place..that’ll drive your neighbor out from the stench!!

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