How to Stop Whistling Noise Through Windows

window whistling

There are some noises that a window makes that are entirely normal and not a cause for concern, such as popping or cracking noises. These noises usually occur when the window glass expands and contracts at a different speed than the surrounding frame. However: Whistling noises that occur through windows…

Vape Making a Hissing Noise When Not In Use?

vape hissing

Vapes, both disposable and otherwise, make a lot of noise when in use. They also make a decent amount of noise outside of use. For those who aren’t familiar with how vapes work, or what is going on inside their vapes, it can be concerning when these noises occur. If…

Why Brake Pedal Vibration Happens: And How to Fix

brake pedal vibration

When a car is running smoothly, the idea is that it shouldn’t be noticeably wobbly, squeaky, or vibrate more than just the necessary engine vibration. When a part of the car does become wobbly, squeaky, or starts to vibrate, then it is often a sign that something, somewhere is faulty….

The Best Lubricants for Squeaky Floors (2023)

squeaky floor lubricant

Whether your home is carpeted or decked out with stylish hardwood floors, it is hard to avoid squeaky floorboards. They creep up on the best of us and can become really irritating! Nobody wants to squeak as they walk around their property. But is there anything that you can do…

How to Fix a Clicking DXRacer Chair (Only Way)

dxracer chair

DXRacer chairs are award-winning computer chairs. They’re often used by those working long hours at a computer or for people who game for long periods of time. Having said this, you may run into some problems with your chair, which tend to come about due to normal wear and tear…

5 Ways to Stop a Letterbox Rattling in the Wind


Letterboxes are essential, but they can too often cause irritation when they rattle and flap in the wind. If you’ve found that your letterbox is causing you to grate your teeth or turn the TV up, you might be wondering what you can do to fix it. Here are some…

Are Hilton Hotel Rooms Soundproof?

hilton hotel

The Hilton Hotel group has a great reputation. The group is known to be one of the higher-end places that you can choose to stay, and they offer a great range of benefits, extras and deluxe rooms for those that want to feel looked after when they’re away from home….

Why Are Motorbikes Allowed to Be So Loud?

motorbike so loud

Motorbikes are significantly louder than a variety of other vehicles you’ll find on the streets. There are a number of reasons for this, and a number of reasons why this is allowed. In this article: We will disclose why motorbikes are so noisy and what the law is behind the…

How to Fix a Squeaky Car Window

squeaky car window

Whether it’s commuting to work, picking up the kids from activities, or just doing the weekly shop, we spend more time than ever in our cars these days. That’s why it’s so annoying if it starts to squeak or make other annoying noises. So, let’s look at a common squeaky…

How to Tell How Soundproof a Room or Wall Is

tell how soundproof

Noise disturbing the peace of your home can be a nightmare. That’s why this site exists, to give you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to soundproof your home and make it your haven again. Once you’ve followed the advice and potentially spent a decent amount of money, how…