Are Hilton Hotel Rooms Soundproof?

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Last updated: March 29, 2023 at 12:50 pm

The Hilton Hotel group has a great reputation. The group is known to be one of the higher-end places that you can choose to stay, and they offer a great range of benefits, extras and deluxe rooms for those that want to feel looked after when they’re away from home.

But there’s one question on our minds. The Hilton Group may have amazing rooms and great, ornate buildings and decor, but how well-soundproofed are the rooms?

In fact:

Are Hilton hotel rooms soundproof at all?

Soundproof Against Exterior Noise

A lot of hotels are based in city centres or on busy roads. If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, you want to know that you are unlikely to be woken up by rowdy students on a night out, or a particularly loud hen group wandering past at four in the morning.

Likewise, you don’t want to think about or hear traffic all hours of the night or be startled awake by a firetruck siren at dawn. You want to know that your hotel room, your paid-for haven away from home, is soundproof and safe from external noise pollution.

Fortunately, when it comes to the vast majority of Hilton hotel rooms, you’re in luck. The company make sure to pay for each and every hotel room window to be double-glazed. This helps to limit the amount of noise that can come through from outside.

How Does Double Glazing Work to Soundproof the Hilton?

Double glazing, or triple glazing, simply means that there is an additional glass pane used in the window, hence the ‘double’. This glass pane adds another layer of material for the sound to travel through, reducing the vibration and subsequently the noise.

The two glass panels also have a small amount of gas held between them further dampening the transmission of soundwaves from outside the hotel.

How Effective Is Double Glazing As Soundproofing?

Double glazing is a relatively sound way of reducing exterior noise, however, it is not entirely soundproof. If someone is yelling outside of your hotel window for an extended amount of time, you’re likely to still hear a bit of it.

Generally speaking, the double-glazed windows can reduce sound levels by 31 decibels.

Soundproof Against Interior Noise

Hilton hotels are typically built with thick cement walls to ensure a certain level of soundproofing between rooms. But, there will sometimes be some audible noises from people in the hallway or from the rooms surrounding yours.

If you are particularly sensitive to noise, it may be worth requesting a room further away from the stairs or the escalator, as this is where people tend to be the loudest as they arrive upstairs.

Generally speaking, most Hilton hotels have plenty of positive reviews. Many of which discuss the quietness of the hotel. If you’re worried about whether the Hilton you’re visiting is going to be quiet enough, it’s always worth taking a look online.

5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room More Soundproof

1. Lay a Towel By the Door

hilton hotel corridor

If you’ve found that your hotel room is not very soundproof, particularly to interior noise, try folding or rolling a towel and placing it at the bottom of the hotel room door.

Placing a towel here will allow you to block any gap that may be at the bottom of the door and let the sound in.

2. Ask for a Room on the Top Floor

If you’ve got people walking along beside your room and you’ve got a room above and below you, you’re likely to find that there’ll be more noise travelling through to your room, even if the room is soundproofed.

Higher floor rooms also tend to be further away from things like outdoor balconies, social spaces, cleaning cupboards etc. This means there are fewer opportunities for noise to make it into your Hilton room.

3. Wear Earplugs

Whilst Hilton hotel rooms are generally soundproof, sometimes the noise levels in hotels just cannot be helped. Especially if you’re on a lower floor and there’s an event on or if you’re working through the night and are trying to sleep through the day.

If you’re finding your hotel room too loud, try using earplugs or alternatives to stop the noise.

4. Play Some White Noise or Music

If you’re trying to focus or sleep but the chattering outside or the clanging of the housekeeping trolley is causing you to struggle, you may find that playing some calming music or white noise will help.

5. Ask for a Different Room

This is especially important if you’ve requested a quiet room or booked somewhere that claims to be soundproof. If you are hearing what you deem to be too much noise, head down to reception at the Hilton or give them a ring.

Hotel receptionists are there for this exact issue, and are very knowledgeable. They’ll be able to provide you with assistance in the form of a new room or may be able to provide you with a partial refund or something similar if none of those options are possible.

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