Q&A: My Snoring Is Annoying the Neighbours

Bed on adjoining wall

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This question comes from Jennifer.


Hi AJ. I am delighted to have found your excellent website. My problem is complex. My rented bungalow is semi detached. The 2 main bedrooms (mine and my neighbour’s) are back to back, our bedheads are against the shared wall and they cant be moved.

There was no problem when I arrived 3 yrs ago. I’m a side sleeper but occasionally turn onto my back while asleep and I’m told I snore. My grandsons have recently confirmed this during sleepovers. It happens around 2-4am which must of course be dreadful for the neighbours. I want to soundproof my side and maybe suggest he does his wall too.

I’m due a new hip late this September and MUST sleep on my back for the next 6 weeks so time is of the essence!

Another concern is that I have to do this on a budget as my state pension is my only income and I used the last of my savings during sheltering/lockdown. Everything you suggest sounds (excuse the pun) wonderful but I’m having difficulty choosing the best for my situation. Can you advise me which would work best?

Thanks in advance for your time and trouble and for creating the website in the first place.


Hi Jennifer

Many thanks for your email. It’s unfortunate you can’t move the bed, but soundproofing for snoring shouldn’t be much of a problem… or even expensive!

Although you are the noisy neighbour in this case, this article has good suggestions, but I’m sure you’ve already gone through that.

My suggestion would be to fit soundproof panels, or even a thick blanket onto the wall to block airborne sound. Depending on how loud you are, something this simple should do the trick. I don’t believe you’d have to go to extremes and install a fake wall, for example.

Acoustic panels would work well especially if your neighbour does it as well, but I believe it could make a difference only at your side as well. For the whole wall, acoustic panels would be around £50.

I hope that helps, and happy soundproofing!

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  1. We live in a semi detached bungalow our neighbour has dementia we haven’t slept for over six months he bangs on our bedroom wall every night or tapps on furniture then he sleeps all day his sons are not interested I have rung every organisation possible with no help and we cannot afford to move we are in our late sixties any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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